The Number One Mistake I See People Making: They Don’t Know What They Want

People will often go out looking for a real estate agent or agency before they even know what they want out of their new home. The thing is, real estate agents are trying to make money and the way they do that is selling houses. If you go in without a clue of what you want the agent may project ideas into your head that you go along with, and you may purchase the house you think is your dream home only to realize a couple months down the track you made a mistake. So it’s very important to plan out what you want to get out of this house. Consider all the factors you have in your life and how a house and it’s location will affect these. Think of how these factors could change in the future? Imagine your dream house; what elements would it have? These are all extremely important things to consider before looking for a real estate agent or agency to help you find this home. If you don’t have a crystal clear picture of what you want in your mind you will end up feeling frustrated with your real estate agent. Even though really, it’s your fault for not knowing what you want!

What Traits And Values Make A Great Real Estate Agent

Once exactly what you want to get out of your new home, you can start looking at what you want from your real estate agent. General qualities that are always present in a good real estate agent are:

  • Has experience
  • Diligent
  • Knows a lot about the suburbs you’re interested in
  • Actually listens and shows they understand what you want to get out of this new home
  • Keeps your best interests in mind
  • Honesty
  • Is happy to educate you and keep you informed along the buyer’s journey

If you agent is clearly lacking in one of these qualities alarm bells should be going off in your head that this person is likely going to leave you feeling disappointed in the end. If you let these problems slide they will only become worst and worst. You deserve better! There are many great and honest real estate agents you just need to invest the time looking and vetting through the garbage

So How Do I Determine Which Agent Is Best For Me

Many real estates agent will just send you links to different properties and say something like, “When you see a house you like let me know”. If a real estate agent does this to you, run as far away as you can and never return. This does not give you a clearer picture of what your dream house should look like, and they are clearly not looking out for your best interests. This person is trying to just make money out of you without giving you the attention you need and deserve. Your agent should listen intently to what you tell them. In fact, a good real estate agent will spend much more time listening to you than telling you their thoughts. How can they tell you how to find what they want if they haven’t taken out the time to listen to your thoughts and desires?

They are also willing to educate you through the process. They won’t just tell you what to think, they’ll explain and show you why certain things are right for you. They’ll guide you through how they came to their conclusions on things and it should make sense to you. They’ll also be willing to accept your critique and new suggestions you offer. A bad real estate agent will get upset or triggered when you offer insights that they disagree with due to their ego. If a good real estate agent disagrees with you they will explain politely and in a friendly manner if you’re missing something or why they think their method is correct. This is great and all part of the education process for you. You should always feel included in the home buying process and you should never feel like you don’t understand any aspect of why a home is right for you.

To Summarize

Buying a new home is an extremely important decision that will make a huge impact on your future. You should not take this process lightly unless you want to leave unhappy and dissatisfied. This is why you need to demand the best from your real estate agent and not to settle for someone who is not interested in putting in the extra mile to find you the house you deserve. You are probably a great person and you deserve to find a home that you love and will love for years to come. When you’re looking for your next home, make sure to use this information to your advantage so you can make your dream home become your reality. Think about it, a great real estate agent could be the difference between making the worst mistake of your life, or the best decision you’ve ever made. It’s not worth taking the risk and regretting your decision later.

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