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Home Decor: How to Design the Perfect Bedroom for Your Bachelor Pad

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By Sarah Johnson

Welcoming a guest to your home shouldn’t make you worry whether or not she’ll think you’re a grown-up or not. Having your own place should speak for itself, but sometimes it doesn’t. If you’re looking to upgrade from frat boy decor consisting of empty beer bottles and unframed posters, take a look at some of our suggestions that are still manly but send the message that you’ve got it together.

Get Some “Real” Furniture

Your bedroom furniture doesn’t need to look expensive, but it should look like you put some thought into it. Using milk crates for a dresser probably isn’t going to send the message that you want. Having a quality bed frame that gets the mattress off the floor is a good place to start. A headboard isn’t necessary if you keep the bed looking neat, but if you ever want to bring a partner home for a sleepover, make sure you’ve got a good mattress. A framed picture can often replace a headboard and helps to decorate the walls.

Coordinate Your Furniture

So you’ve already gotten real furniture, but now what? Coordinate. That doesn’t mean your bedroom furniture needs to match, but it does mean you need to think about how it all goes together. What message is your furniture sending? If it says, “freebie found on the side of the road”,  you might need to rethink it. Start by considering what you need. If you don’t have a closet, look for a wardrobe big enough to hold all your shoes and clothes. Before you buy, look at the big picture. Your furniture can coordinate through wood grain, finish, color, or style.

Don’t Forget Storage

With the mattress off the floor, you can store shoes, outdoor equipment, or other gear under the bed. Plastic tubs that fit under the bed are easy to find and will keep you from lining the walls with all your stuff. If you really want to look put together, buy a bedframe with under the bed storage drawers. You might want to leave a few empty in case you need to clean up in a hurry.

Frame Those Pictures

Nothing says bachelor more than bare walls. The only thing that might be worse are unframed posters, which scream teenager. Like furniture, pictures don’t have to be expensive, but they should represent who you are. A cityscape, landscape, or western-themed picture can set the tone for the bedroom as well as tie furniture and other decor together.

Keep It Clean

While keeping the room clean isn’t necessarily part of the decor, it says a lot about you. The smell of gym socks and unwashed bedding says you can’t take care of yourself. Your bedroom doesn’t need to be spotless, but it should look like you know how to handle basic hygiene. Clean, high-thread count sheets look and feel better. Sheets should be washed once a week, but if that’s too often, have a few extra sets so you can throw clean ones on when it’s time.

Window Treatments

Sheets tacked over the windows aren’t inviting, and they don’t actually provide that much privacy. It may seem girlie to look for curtains, but they come in masculine colors that can help make your bedroom look complete. By installing a curtain rod, you’re not only showing your handyman skills but that you care enough to do a job right.Consider blackout curtains if you want the most privacy and to keep things dark for better sleeping.

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