Are you looking for a safe place to swap your coins without registration and verification? Now, it is pretty possible. There are newer exchanges that offer this service. To use such a cryptocurrency exchange platform, you need to have a wallet already. Also, be ready that you will not be able to deposit, withdraw, or exchange fiat money. For transactions with fiat money, registration and verification are a must.

What to Check When Choosing a Platform

When you are choosing an exchange, such as or any other similar service, make sure you check the following criteria. They are mandatory, and if an exchange doesn’t comply with them, it is better to avoid the provider. Thus, the criteria that are a must to check when looking for a safe place to exchange coins without ID verification:

  • The website of the exchange shall be protected. The very first thing to check is whether the website uses an SSL certificate to encrypt the information that you are sending online. Have a look at the website URL to determine it. If it starts with http, run away. All your data that you provide there is exposed and can be stolen by anybody. If the URL starts with htpps, where “s” stands for “secure”, you can use the website to swap your coins.
  • Feedback provided by users is important. There is not much sense in checking it on the company’s website. There are many independent resources such as Trustpilot where you can check reviews that other people left. If most of them are ok, you can trust the platform. If there are negative reviews, check whether you are ready to deal with the problem described there. If not, look for another exchange.
  • The availability of the needed coins is crucial. If a selected exchange doesn’t support the coins that you want to exchange, you simply cannot use the service.
  • Finally, customer support availability and professionalism are very important. While some users believe they can just ignore this criterion because nothing can happen, this is not the truth. When you are going to entrust the platform with your funds, you need to have somebody around constantly.

Along with these mandatory criteria, there are other details that are recommended to check and compare. For example, fees taken by the platform. On some platforms, they might be pretty high. Others, on the contrary, offer the most beneficial conditions ever. If you are exchanging a lot of money, you can save a lot on fees.

The convenience of use is especially important to newbies. The easier is the platform interface, the better it is. It will help a new user to avoid errors and get a pleasant experience.

Finally, the availability of some tools that simplify the entire process of swapping your coins is always a benefit. A good exchange will offer you a live chart to check the prices, a calculator to ensure you can check what you are going to get when the transaction is completed, and many other small but important details that form user experience.

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