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There are approximately 10,000 sex workers in Toronto, with almost half of them working in escort services. This is legal in Toronto, whereas communicating for these purposes publicly is not. If you are looking for Toronto girlfriends with no strings attached, escort services are a safe and easy way to find them. Here are some ways to find Toronto girlfriends safely.

Follow Pandemic Screening Protocols

The escort trade is a customer service business like anything else. As such, it has high exposure to a wide number of people at any given time. For both you and your escort, maintaining proper health care is critical. Even before the pandemic this would have been something on your mind, now, following screening protocols is more important than ever.

A good escort service today is going to be mentioning this to you as you make your arrangements. It’s safety first, for both of you. Hand washing and masks in public places are excellent ways to maintain pandemic protocols when using an escort service. Getting tested for the virus prior to and after using an escort is also a good safety precaution when you aren’t sure if you’ve been exposed to the virus.

Where to Find Toronto Girlfriends

If you are going to look for an escort or girlfriend, there are several places in Toronto that offer that. Strip clubs and massage parlors are easy places to find a future escort. Toronto is a hot spot in Canada when it comes to the number of cases. Many of these establishments are no longer open or have different hours than what might be advertised.

Online dating with escorts is an effective and possibly safer alternative. These are websites that don’t have business hours, although the escorts would. These are also considered the premier services in Toronto.

What you would find at a strip club or massage parlor is not going to be the same quality of girlfriend that you might find through escort services. You always have to follow your instinct, but escorts are higher-end services provided by professionals that don’t want to lose their business any more than you would.

Some Dos and Don’ts

Although escort services are legal, you still need to maintain high levels of discretion when using these services. It is illegal to start dating someone off of the street or soliciting. There is a lot of street workers in Toronto, particularly along Yonge Street. However, these are not the sex workers that have safety first in mind, legally, or from a health care perspective.

There is proper etiquette when it comes to using these services. When you are using an agency to book a date, look at their policies on that if you are not sure. It’s okay if you are new to the service, just make sure you know the agency’s expectations.

Find Toronto Girlfriends Today

Finding girlfriends in Toronto for dinner or a date is easier today than you think. It’s also safer than you might think if you’ve never used a service like this before. Work with an agency that has a reputation for quality, and you won’t be disappointed.

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