YouTube is a tricky platform. Even though the establishment of a channel is a process that takes just a few minutes, its growth is very demanding and challenging. Many content creators find it hard to learn how to get views on YouTube as many strategies don’t work on their audience.

Before you start applying any methods, you first need to determine who your target user is and what are his preferences. Once you have this information, you can start planning content tailored to his needs. In essence, videos that are going to get YouTube views. Of course, these specifications are always according to the niche that you plan on developing your channel.

In this article, we have gathered the most effective strategies to get YouTube views.

#1 Create Videos Valuable to Your Audience

As we have already mentioned, your videos must be valuable to your specific audience. If you want to learn how to get views on YouTube, you have to realize that every video you post must be of the highest possible quality. This means that you have to research the topic you are talking about and present your viewers with accurate information. If they find it useful, they will willingly discover the rest of your content, and might even subscribe to your channel.

#2 Replicate the Success of Viral Videos

From time to time, you notice that certain videos or types of videos have been trending on the platform. When this happens, it is a great idea to jump on the trending train and copy these videos’ virality. Many content creators know that they can approach a wide audience with this strategy, a thing that will boost their views and their subscriber base. Of course, you shouldn’t forget to add your own flair to this viral trend, which will make your version stand out from the rest.

#3 Create Content in Excess

On social media, it is important to keep a steady posting schedule. However, sometimes you might find it challenging to finish the editing of your video in time. In these cases, you will benefit from having some backup videos that you save for these rainy days. These backup videos should be low-effort, evergreen types of content that you can post whenever you need them.  This strategy guarantees that you will get YouTube views, even when you are unable to work on your content.

#4 Try Uploading Custom Thumbnails

A great thumbnail is usually what entices a user to click on a video he sees among the search results. This compelling image often sparks his curiosity and makes him want to know more about the topic. If you pair your eye-catching thumbnail with a compelling title, then you are certainly going to enjoy more video views. A simple trick to capture the users’ attention is to include something funny, shocking, or a before and after image on your thumbnail.

#5 Optimize the SEO of Your Videos and Your Channel

The search engine optimization of your videos and your channel is a very broad topic that requires a lot of research. However, the biggest part of SEO techniques is keyword research. With that being said, there are many ways that you can perform this research, either manually or using some online application. Once you have the lists of your main and secondary keywords, you can start implementing this on every aspect of your videos and your channel. SEO is usually the answer to the common question of how to get views on YouTube.

#6 Share Your Videos in Forums

A great place to find an audience interested in your niche is to join niche-specific forums and sub-reddits. These online communities are well-known for their dedicated user base that interacts with one another. Therefore, if you promote your content there, you will get YouTube views. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you first need to become an active member of the community, which will enhance the other users’ trust towards you. If you achieve this, then all of them will willingly check out your content.

#7 Use A Plugin to Find Your Competitors’ Tags

Tags are words used to classify a video and help the YouTube algorithm understand what it is all about. However, tags are hidden from the users, and so, you cannot check which words are working for your competitors. Luckily, there are some available browser extensions that will reveal every video’s tags. To use them, you only need to download and install one of them on your browser. By writing the more appropriate tags, you boost the SEO of your videos and help them rank higher.

#8 Compile Your Best Content in Playlists

When you are trying to learn how to get views on YouTube, you have surely heard that you need to compile playlists with your best content. This strategy is extremely effective as it shows viewers your best content one after another. Playlists are not only effective in spreading views among your videos, but they are also amazing at convincing users to subscribe to your channel. Plus, your content will seem more organized if you create playlists based on their topics.

#9 Make Interesting Videos with Pattern Interrupts

Once you have users in your video, you need to make sure that they stick around until the end of it. This will increase your channel’s watch time, which is one of the most important metrics that influence the YouTube algorithm. The best way to keep your viewers interested is to add pattern interrupts that can be changes in the angles of the camera, change of location, or even breaking your video into distinct chapters by using cards.

#10 Upload YouTube Shorts

YouTube shorts are small 60-second vertical videos that can boost the visibility of your channel. They will not directly increase the number of your video views, even though they might bring you new subscribers. This extra visibility will eventually contribute to your channel’s success.

Getting successful on YouTube is a process that requires a lot of effort. Follow these steps to grow your channel immediately.



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