give the best orgasm

An orgasm is like an intense and pleasurable feeling that courses through the human body when one is indulging in sexual activities. However, we must understand that not all people indulging in sex or such activities find an orgasm. The number of women who don’t reach an orgasm is surprisingly high. Most women say that this happens because they are not stimulated sufficiently. If you are a man and want to give the best orgasm which she deserves, then here are a few tips for it.

  • Try to learn a little about the female body. Most men are basically fledgling in the dark without being sure as to what they do. Watching porn videos and copying those actions in bed with your lady partner isn’t enough.
  • Take longer on foreplay. Most women need sometime to get stimulated fully and enjoy sex with an orgasm. Don’t treat it is just an obligation, but enjoy it. Stimulate her mentally and try flirting to make her hot and heavy. Create a romantic ambience, talk and create a tender touch. This could mean holding hands, kisses on the forehead or cheeks. You know, bring some romance in so she feels good.
  • Kiss her, but add a dash of enthusiasm in it. Make it passionate and include little nibbles to make her want you more. Touch her breasts and ass to stimulate and excite her more.
  • Try finding your lady partner’s sweet spots as they can help her in achieving an orgasm. The g-spot is quite elusive and cannot be seen as its deep within the vagina. This has nerve ending and if touched right, you can get her to orgasm hard. The other part that you can focus on is the clitoris. Gently rubbing, licking and sucking can mean well for your partner’s orgasm.
  • When you are having sex, try positions that are better for the female orgasm. Let her sit on top of you, do the doggy-style or try the woman on top. All of these positions, bring intimacy, allow stimulation of the clit and deeper penetration.

Apart from the tips given above, ensure that your partner is feeling good. If there is stress or anxiety of some kind, there are high chances that she wont orgasm. Plus, sex won’t be pleasurable for her. Take your time and don’t hurry. It is possible that you want to get there, but doing that alone every time will not impress your partner. There is only so much a partner will do if she knows you get your orgasm, but she doesn’t get anything. Be patient. Women get it that sometimes its not possible for them to orgasm and many women have accepted it. However, you need to try your best to pleasure her in other ways so she orgasms – either through penetration or through other stimulation.  Keep trying new positions and ways till you find one that your lady likes and you give the best orgasm. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, it is not bad to refer some free sex stories and learn from it? Pleasure is important for both, not just men!

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