If you need to know how to give a professional erotic massage- you ask the professionals. Luckily, we know the perfect escort directory for just that.

Chances are, if you’re headed towards an escort directory, you’re not just going to check out their erotic body rubs section- but escorts are some of the most skilled and most overlooked professionals when it comes to giving a down and dirty massage.

Imagine you’re in Chicago, body rubs can be found in nearly every seedy massage parlor. Throw a dented empty can of Schlitz and you’ll surely hit a minimum of three. But no matter how talented the beauties running these salons are- they just can’t compete with the personally tailored experience you get with a great escort.

Which is why we turned to the ever exotic and perfectly professional gems at Secret Desire. Because we want to know how to give a top-notch erotic body rub at home. And these are the people to ask.

How You’re Giving an Erotic Massage vs. How You Want to Give an Erotic Body Rub

The first thing that each of the three escorts we spoke with told us, is: “You’re doing it wrong”

Despite our imagined prowess at confidently taking up our lovers, in our more than capable hands, and rubbing them within an inch of their ecstasy, what we’re actually doing is much less provocative and often more painful.

“What most people don’t understand is that an erotic massage is more about than just rubbing your body against someone else. It’s an entire mood.”

So it’s important to stop jumping right into that yoni-focused rubbing, and start with something a bit more sensual. A nice shoulder rub perhaps. Or maybe a good foot massage that slowly works itself into something a bit more erotic.  Consider the type of oil you will be using. Most lotions aren’t a great idea, because they are quickly absorbed into the skin. But you’re not going to want to use Crisco either.

“The oil you choose to use has a massive impact on the massage you give. Get one that’s greasy, and it will just be a mess… leave stains, and you won’t be able to feel that lucious tug of skin on skin. Use something that absorbs too quickly- and that tugging sensation quickly becomes tearing and burning.”

There are a number of different oils that are favored by the pros- with argan oil and Nuru massage gel being the top two favorites. All of them are relatively easy to get a hold of, and outside of specialty massage oils, the prices are fairly pocket friendly.

Getting the right oil means that you can give an erotic body rub that can also offer some health benefits as well. As genuine muscle massage can lower blood pressure, improve mobility, and help blood to circulate to all the areas that are most important.

“Basically, giving a really good erotic massage is the same thing as giving a really good striptease, or being great at giving head. It’s more about the foreplay and the flare than it is about the massage itself.”

So to give a great body rub at home, you’re going to have to pay attention to the little things. Like setting the mood beforehand. Turn on some soft lighting and soothing music, figure out what your partner’s favorite snacks and smells are. Take a minute to find out what their erogenous zones are- where they like to be touched (not just where you like to touch them). Setting the mood for a professional grade erotic body rub at home takes a bit of effort- but then again that’s the whole point.

“A really good erotic body rub isn’t just about rubbing, or bodies, or orgasms. It’s about intimacy- really learning to read body language and take non-verbal cues to the next level. A client doesn’t need to walk me through what to do, but I do have to focus and pay attention to what each individual likes.”

So yes. Intimacy. Scary concept for some, but this is how you build intimacy without talking, which from a man’s perspective is arguably pretty great. Pay close attention to what your partner’s body is doing while practicing your newly honed skill at sensual massage. If they lean in to some places, moan, say positive things, or even start screaming in the bad way… you’ll know you’ve gotten it right, or need to adjust what you’re doing. Don’t rush to the finish line, but instead really take your time. Enjoy exploring their body with your own in a way that isn’t physically penetrative- but emotionally.

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