Medical Worker Recruitment

Various studies show there will be a shortage of over 100,000 doctors by 2030, which means more areas will struggle to find medical practitioners. Likewise, it has been revealed that more than one-third of doctors prefer working in a medical facility where they can achieve a better balance of free time and workload.

If you are a medical staffing agency, the question now is how to sell the agency to physicians and encourage them to join your agency. It is prudent to understand the reasons behind the changes and learn what the physicians and providers are looking for, and what your agency can do to connect the stakeholders.

Before you can market your agency, you need to hire competent doctors who will eventually fill the void in many healthcare facilities and institutions. Aside from doctors, there are projections that non-physician clinicians (physician assistants, physical therapists, and nurse practitioners) will have greater demand. These non-physician clinicians interact more with patients in the healthcare environment today, so include them in your recruitment efforts.

Tips to improve your recruitment efforts

  1. Make it easy for candidates to find you

Since most businesses are online, you should do the same. Make it easier for prospective candidates to find your website. Likewise, you should ensure that you provide all the information they seek.

Your prospects are intelligent individuals, but they may be pressed for time. Thus, it is vital that you, as a physician recruiter, provide them with information that is easy to understand. Make sure that you give them the essential details and incentives to make them want to know more and prioritize your agency over others. Ensure that you use the right keywords so that your recruitment page can be found faster. Use an SEO expert if needed to ensure that you have the right meta descriptions and valuable page titles, so that search engines can easily find you.

  1. Be clear about your organization’s culture and job opportunities

Clearly state what type of medical practitioner you are looking for. Clearly state if you are looking for surgeons, specialists, or advanced practitioners. It will be better if you can give a broad overview of the job opportunities, clinics, or locations where they will serve, and the size of the community the position will cover.

Use social media to reach more candidates. Use your social media posts to link to your website and application form.

  1. Allow your prospects to know about the facilities they will work with

You can share testimonials, bios, videos, and pictures to show your prospects the providers you work with and the facilities where they work. Allow your former recruits to share their experiences and satisfaction with working with you.

Since the number of healthcare staffing agencies is going up, the competition will become stiffer. Thus, it is important to use all tools and options available to ensure that it will be easy to find your agency and attract the best prospects. See to it that you include elements that will convince them to know more about your agency and the opportunities you offer.

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