The number of home invasions happening every year across the country isn’t diminutive. Unfortunately, people forfeit their belongings because of home intrusions, but they also lose the emotional and mental sense of being secured. Indeed, you can find various home security systems in the market, which can help authorities to track down the responsible burglar later.

But, they are ineffective if it comes to being reluctant to keep your home vulnerable before housebreakers. Hence, the best possible measure is adopting wise steps to make your dwelling blend in with the bunch of other ordinary houses and buildings.

Don’t you think prevention is always a better option than locating and imprisoning a burglar after he has emptied half of your house? But, what are the steps that will allow you to enter intruders’ minds, restricting them from picking up your residence? Let’s find them below.

Take a Tour around Your Property    

Indeed, you have roamed around your house many times for trimming shrubs, mowing grass, and preparing delicious barbecues. But, have you ever looked at your house as a burglar will stare at it with opportunistic eyes? It might sound a bit weird, but you should at least do it once to terminate the hazard of home invasions.

Walk all around your premises in search of weak points, like low windows, tall shrubs, unlocked or feeble doors, and others. Try to fix them as soon as possible since intruders probably will use these weak points to break into your house.

Keep a Self Defense Tool with You  

Robbers are not obligated to break into a home when nobody is there and can step into your premises even when you or someone from your family is all alone. What will you do if you notice someone sneaking into your apartment, breaching your security system, and other preventive efforts?

Then, ensuring your safety would be imperative before everything. Hence, it’s perfectly alright to click on devices like a personal safety alarm keychain. These security alarms can produce loud and long-lasting sounds, attracting people from around towards your house and shoving the trespasser into the back foot immediately.

Self Defense Key Rings presents various types of self-defense tools on their website. You can check out bundle rings and more upon being interested. Besides, the best part is, as you will be able to carry these lightweight items always with you, they are proficient in allocating enough protection regardless of time and place.

Ensure Enough Lighting

A common trait of intruders is camouflaging in darkness so that nobody can track them in plain sight. Due to this same tendency, they also avoid properly illuminated places. That is why positioning enough lights around your house, lawns, and backyard is the first step towards making intruders think twice about selecting your building as their next target. If you want to hear a story of a burglar who was standing at someone’s door at 4:30 am, dressed in black, here it is.

Besides, having enough lights on it, your house will be visible to your neighbors and passerby people, which induces another measure of security. You can also switch some lights from within your house on before going out because it will deceive burglars by making them think someone is home. A spotlight camera would also be a great inclusion to your home security system with its lighting and surveillance.

Maintain Healthy Relationships with Your Neighbors

When you are not home, whom can you ask to keep an eye on your house? If you face a problem, who will be able to bring help before everyone else? It’s your neighbors, isn’t it? Therefore, you should always keep a healthy and fruitful relationship with them.

If you are not going to stay out of the station for a period, you can ask your neighbor to do things, like collecting your newspaper, clearing your entrance one or two times, and cleaning your garbage. In general, these things might not look so required to you. But, in reality, these aspects will keep your house looking used, resulting in robbers not being able to utilize the opportunity of an empty house. Besides, not informing everyone about your plan of going out would be an excellent idea.

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