Love V-neck tees but worried you’ll look foolish in them? You’re not the only one! This neckline has gotten some nasty press in the past, making some guys dread wearing them. 

Some might relate V-necks to some kind of hillbilly urban look that is out of style. However, we show you it’s not actually true. It just depends on some factors: the size of the V and what you pair the t-shirt with.

Luckily, in 2021 V-necks are very much trending, and you should never avoid wearing one if you like the style. There are even some online shopping brands where you can get some comfy v-necks without overspending and they have customizable quizzes to adapt to your own style.

However, there are a few simple rules to keep in mind when buying and wearing V-necks to avoid the most common pitfalls and styling mistakes.

The following is a guide to make the V-neck as fashionable as possible. Take a look!

Most common mistakes 

V-necks have gotten a bad rep because of a few common mistakes guys make when wearing them. 

As Looks Gud  put it, V-necks are great, but men wearing those deep-cut V-necks can look quite tacky. Don’t get offended, please! Still, always remember that the bottom of your V-neck shirt should fall no lower than 2-3 inches below the collarbone. It’s that simple, no need to complicate it more.

Now let’s look at a few other fashion no-no’s when it comes to V-necks.

Oversized tees

Listen. We get it. Not that many guys like slim-fit t-shirts, but if you’re opting for a V-neck, you should never ever wear an oversized one. 

It doesn’t mean that it should be super tight. However, it does need to fit close to your body. A baggy V-neck just doesn’t look right. You would end up looking like wearing a sack of potatoes.

Even worse, it looks cheap, sloppy and unkempt! 

Crazy graphics and designs

A cool graphic or an image print has its time and place, and it’s not on a V-neck. We strongly recommend keeping your V-necks monochrome and focusing on quality rather than shock value (yes, this means no tag lines either!). 

Get a great high-quality t-shirt from trusted brands like the v-necks for guys from Fresh Clean Tees, and you won’t need any graphics to get attention! 

So if you prefer t-shirts with funny captions or geek icons, choose something else instead of a v-neck or at least keep it minimal.

Exposed chest hair

We get it, as GQ explains, your chest hair is a beautiful credit to your masculinity. However, it doesn’t mean that everybody needs to see it. You will probably be fine if you don’t wear a deep V-cut but maybe skip V-necks altogether if you have a super thick layer. 

Stretch out tees

It should go without saying, but we’ve seen too many guys with shapeless V-necks to skip this point. If you notice that your t-shirt has lost shape in the neckline or anywhere else, just stop wearing it in public and get some new ones.

Don’t worry; the old tees can get extra days if you wear them around the house, doing garden work or as cleaning rags! 

How to make a V-neck look fashionable

Now that we’ve covered the most common V-neck tee mistakes let’s talk about how to make it look fashionable. 

And hey, you’re in luck as it’s pretty simple!

Layer your outfit

V-necks started as an undergarment, and they still are the perfect layering piece. Firstly, this tee will provide you with warmth and comfort underneath your sweaters or shirts without any collars peeking out. 

But what we like most is layering it under a shirt that’s not buttoned-down, a vest or a denim jacket. It looks super stylish and put together.

Wear it under a blazer or suit

If you’re looking for something to substitute stuffy shirts under your favourite blazers and suits, V-necks are your best friends. Yes, crewneck tees technically work too, but a V-neck is so much more sophisticated and stylish.

Make sure you opt for the right colours and high-quality fabrics, and you’ll definitely score fashion points at the office or your next event.

Pair with tailored pants for a smart-casual look

If you want to keep it more casual, skip the blazer or suit and wear your V-neck with tailored pants. 

We love chinos or wool pants, but dark, classic denim will also work well. Add Oxford shoes or Chelsea boots, and you’re golden!

Final Thoughts

These are the dos and don’ts about wearing v-necks. It’s a great piece of comfortable wear and especially in very warm days you can put it on with pride.

However, don’t forget to avoid wearing overly deep v-necks, with lots of logos and images and with your chest hair jumping out. You don’t want to look tacky in public, so wear v-necks with its correspondent dress code.

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