Knowing how to choose a wedding ring is not always easy. Besides, planning your wedding is a busy time, with many couples leaving their wedding ring shopping until the last minute. To help you, here is a complete guide on how to get your perfect wedding ring that will look stunning on your engagement ring and feel comfortable to wear.

  1. Ring size

First and foremost, set the correct ring size. When you become a bride, it’s easy because it is the same size as your engagement ring. But the groom needs to be weighed’ properly. Appropriate methods for measuring ring size include apps for measuring your Smartphone’s ring, ordering a ring gauge, or visiting a jewelry store to measure your finger.

  1. How to choose a metal wedding ring?

It is easy. You can make your mind up for any metallic color you like. In the case of engagement, and wedding rings, you can mix the metals. In other words, it is remarkable to have yellow gold engagement rings and white gold wedding rings, or vice versa.

  1. Diamond ribbon VS simple ribbon?

It is abundantly a matter of personal preference. The regular group is beautiful and traditional. However, if you want a spectacular shine, then you need to choose diamond wedding rings. Selecting a diamond wedding ring is undesirable only if your engagement ring is inexpensive. In this case, a wedding ring that is too shiny can overwhelm and distract you from your engagement ring.

  1. When you have a vintage style engagement ring

If you have a vintage engagement ring, you will love one that has a similar design. Upright, for combining; the vintage era, as long as the two are close enough together. For example, an Art Deco engagement ring from the 20s with a diamond wedding ring from the 30s of the last century in the style of the times would look great.

However, an intricate antique wedding ring from the 20th century with openwork work wouldn’t match a geometric engagement ring from the 1960s.

  1. Matching wedding rings

Some engagement rings have matching wedding rings. It is a good option if you get the chance; to have both rings because each provides beauty and comfort.

  1. Wishbone ring

Wishbone rings are another fantastic alternative to classic wedding rings. They have a V shape which allows room for the engagement ring stone. They are perfect for brides who have a central setting on the engagement ring.

  1. Wedding set

An engagement ring and wedding ring that are sold together as a set is called a wedding set is. It is perfectly coordinated in style and design to get a cohesive look with all-over comfort. They are also a fantastic way to save money as they are up to 40% cheaper than buying two rings separately.

  1. Final Tip – ORDER INITIALLY

Ideally, you should order the wedding ring about three months before your wedding. The main reason behind it; is many jewelry stores do not provide all sizes and styles of wedding rings, and you may have to order and wait several weeks. Start shopping early to get the wedding ring you want, or you can buy it online from a reputable jewelry site like Alexander Sparks.

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