Are you planning to get a new air conditioner, or to relocate to a new house with your old one which needs another installation there? If so, then you must know how to proceed for the best installation. An AC installation can be a dream come true due to the right measurements and precision, or it may be a nightmare making you call for the experts again and again to get fixed often something or the other. To make sure that you install the air conditioner with recommended guidelines and through expert hands, you must call for the the best air conditioning installation services in your area.

Air Conditioning Installation
Air Conditioning Installation

Speak to The Servicemen

Even before buying your air conditioner, you can speak to the installation services. They are the best to even recommend what kind of AC in weight or tonnage would be best for your room size. They know it all, and can recommend the brand, the size, the type and all. Air conditioners are of various types. There are cube AC’s, cassette AC’s, split AC’s, window AC’s, standing AC’s, and also central AC’s. Which type would best suit your place, budget, requirement and all can be best advised by people who install and service these machines. Hence, you can talk to an installation service provider before buying the AC to take recommendations.

In case you have bought the AC already, you can discuss what kind of AC you have bought. Accordingly, they will tell you the things required for installation, so that you may arrange them beforehand. You can also show them the spot of installation that you have planned and seek advice on if that’s the best spot or needs rethinking.

The Place of Installation

For split air conditioners the place of installation essentially has to be a wall of the room. But in case of windows ACs, you can install them on any wall or window, but only after cutting off that part of the window or wall. Hence the installation types vary highly. For central or cube ACs, you would need the ceiling, and perhaps a false ceiling actually. If you need a ducted air conditioner or central one, then a false ceiling is a must. And when you need a false ceiling, then the installation type gets complex and more time taking, labor demanding, and costlier. You must talk about these requirements to the air conditioning installation services beforehand.


Did you think about the prior requirements of wiring for the AC? If not, then it’s the time to take wiring suggestions from the installation service provider. They have a nice idea of how and when, the wiring has to be done, and may do this for you when you hire them. In fact, AC installation is a package where they take care of wiring, fitting, carpentry and all.

If you have a wiring already done, then installation gets a lot easier and quicker. This eases the job for the service provider, and makes you spend lesser.

Things to Talk About with the Ac Installation Service Provider:

When you are talking to a quality AC installation service provider, you should ask these things:

  • How much time the installation will take?
  • What would be the materials required?
  • What is the estimated quote?
  • What will be the charges with and without wiring?
  • If they have insured technicians to do the job?
  • Will they be offering any guarantee on the job done?

Once these aspects are talked about, you are then great to go with the Air conditioner installation with the service provider.

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