Suspicious Behavior in Your Office Lobby

Whether you’re a business owner or lobby receptionist, keeping your business safe should be a priority. You may have a physical location that employees go in and out of all day. Then, paying attention to the activity in the building is vital. 

Yes, the receptionist staff are the main ones observing behavior in the lobby. But other employees should still be vigilant when they’re in the lobby and elsewhere. 

Everyone should always be aware of their surroundings and look for suspicious behavior. And this includes being careful even on those days when they forget to drink coffee! 

Be in tune with everything and observe people’s behavior. You’ll contribute to a safe business! It takes a team to make sure everything is in working order, and that includes security! 

If you’re concerned about your business’s security, consider hiring security guards. That way, you won’t have to worry as much about suspicious people. It’s still wise to be on your guard, though.

Here are ways to keep a lookout for suspicious behavior in your business and office lobby.

1. Oversized Clothing 

People who want to harm individuals or property may try to cover up their bodies with oversized clothing. They do this to make themselves less recognizable. 

So, if you see a person with an oversized hoodie and baggy sweats, don’t jump to conclusions. But do be aware that if the person sticks around, there may be some cause for concern. 

2. Hiding Hands & Keeping Them in Pockets 

If someone continuously hides their hands and puts them in their pockets, you should keep an eye on them. Since they’re not removing their hands or displaying them, they could be hiding a weapon. 

Now, a person may be cold, and that’s why their hands are stuck in their pockets. But if they’re also showing other signs that I’m pointing out in this article, it’s a good indication that they’re harmful. 

Learn about body language and what the indicators are of a potentially dangerous person. 

3. Being Overly Interested in the Property 

People who show up to a business day after day and don’t work there may be up to no good. You may observe them taking pictures of the outside of the building. They may also be looking over the property. 

While at first glance it may be that they’re into photography and architecture, don’t fool yourself. Sadly, it could be a person planning an attack or another form of crime. So, keep this in mind and keep a watchful eye for people like this. 

4. Trying to Sneak Through Undetected 

Depending on the security, you may ask to see identification before the person goes to the office. If you do, and a person is trying to sneak by undetected, that’s not a good sign. 

Any time anyone is acting sneaky while going through the lobby, keep a watchful eye. You could very well prevent a crime from taking place in your business!

5. Acting Nervous 

Yes, people suffer from anxiety, which doesn’t mean they’re a threat to anyone’s safety. But there are things you should look for that tell you something more is going on.

For example, a person may seem ill at ease and appear if something is off. They may be zoning out and staring, sweating, and muttering. They may also be glancing around to see if anyone is watching them. 

Another action they might be doing is entering and exiting the building frequently. This could mean they’re second-guessing their actions before they begin.


In conclusion, keeping everyone safe in a business building is vital. No one wants something bad to happen, such as having things stolen, or in the worse case, people getting killed. 

That’s why you must remain observant of what’s happening in your lobby and other parts of the building. Do this, and you may be able to prevent something horrible from happening. 

Educating everyone about these practices should be something you consider doing. The more people who know what signs to look for, the better. 

No one wants anything to happen that could cause harm to anyone. So, by paying attention, you’ll make your and everyone’s safety a number one priority.

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