You can no longer send your emails one by one from your inbox? Your newsletter has more and more subscribers? Do you have something to send to a prospect file that you have created / acquired or even quite simply information to send at least once a month to a large number of recipients? Know that solutions exist and can represent a real time saving for you. This involves the automation of sending… but not only! Other advantages can be considerable, such as the ability to schedule the sending of your emailings at the times that suit you, to reuse your settings and sometimes to make automatic replies on 5e Frightened .

Always respect the principle of transparency

Before you start, it is necessary to make sure that you have acquired your database in a legal manner, in particular by having obtained the authorization of the CNIL if it contains personal data (and the personal e-mail is part of it) and to include an unsubscribe link in the context of a newsletter for example.
Each electronic message must:
• specify the identity of the advertiser,
• propose a simple means of opposing the reception of new solicitations (for example link to unsubscribe at the end of the message).
The CNIL recommends that prior consent or the right to object be obtained through a checkbox. The use of a pre-checked box is to be avoided because it is against the law.
Breaches of these provisions are liable to be sanctioned by the CNIL.

For professionals (B to B)

The principle: prior information and right of opposition
The person must, at the time of the collection of his e-mail address
1. Inform the Internet user that his e-mail address will be used for prospecting purposes,
2. Allow him to oppose to this use in a simple and free way.

For individuals (B to C)

The principle: no commercial message without the recipient’s prior agreement
Advertising by e-mail is possible on condition that people have explicitly given their consent to be canvassed when collecting their e-mail address.
Two exceptions to this principle:
1. if the prospect is already a client of the company and if the prospecting concerns products or services similar to those already provided by the company.
2. if the prospecting is not of a commercial nature (charity for example)

In both cases, it is mandatory when collecting his e-mail address

1. Inform the user that his e-mail address will be used for purposes prospecting,
2. Allow him to oppose this use in a simple and free manner.

Some software allows you to improve your sending rate while avoiding being blacklisted. The worst that can happen to you is that your IP is or even your domain name. Owning this type of software destructive wave 5e also allows you to segment your databases and better customize your shipment in order to obtain a greater return on investment. But these are not the only information that you will obtain: open rate, click rate, … so many elements that will allow you to refine your message, improve your tools so that your emails are (finally) read. From a few tens to several thousand euros the solution, it’s up to you to choose the one that best suits your activity!

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