Be it aerosol filling or any other activity, people often get overwhelmed before making the decision. If you are in a similar situation, then instead of panicking, start gathering facts and appropriate knowledge regarding determining factors. There are different aspects that you need to consider when using aerosol filling equipment. You can choose fully automatic filling equipment that makes the work easier. There is no spill, and the surrounding area also remains safe.  To make an informed decision about selecting and using aerosol filling equipment, here are some necessary information for you to explore and divulge.

Let us start by knowing the types of aerosol filling equipment/ machines. 

Using aerosol filling equipment that is suitable for the application, you should first know the types of available aerosol filling machines. If you use proper aerosol filling equipment, then it eliminates the potential risk in the finished aerosol products. There are the regular filling machines and the bag on valve aerosol filling quipment. You can also go for the under cap aerosol filling equipment depending on the type of industry you work for.

Check Out These Various Types of Filling Machines:

1. Regular aerosol filling machines 

Regular aerosol filling machines are also named traditional aerosol filling machines because of their long history and extensive uses. This aerosol filling machine is helpful in the filling process of liquid fillings, gas fillings and crimping. In many aerosol products, the filling process is very common. It is better than the traditional type of filling machines to a large extent and it also saves your money. It is inclusive in terms of formation. Therefore, the filling machine is used widely in countless numbers of applications.

2. Bag on valve filling machines 

These machines are considered superior to other kinds of aerosol filling machines. Through these machines, liquid and gas are filled separately. Using this aerosol filling equipment has become popular in recent years. They are mostly popular among industries that manufacture cosmetics, food, fire extinguisher aerosol products, etc. So manufacturers normally consider its high cost before using it. They go for it when the task cannot be completed with the help of standard aerosol filling equipment. These types are used for nasal spray, fire extinguishers and cosmetics and in preparing some types of foods.

3. Under cap aerosol filling machines 

This filling machine offers more services, including the functions of vacuuming, crimping, gas filling and so on. In this, vacuuming is done before filling the product, making it a different machine from the other two. The machine is used for applications such as refilling refrigerants, air condition lubricants, butane gas cartridges and so on.


There are three aerosol machine configurations available in each of the above aerosol filling machines. These configurations include fully automatic aerosol filling equipment, semi-automatic aerosol filling equipment and manual aerosol filling equipment. Using aerosol filling equipment varies with the needs and requirements of the manufacturer. Using manual filling equipment is a good idea when one has to fill only 100 cans in a day. On the other hand, if one has to fill thousands of cans in a day, then fully automatic filling equipment is an ideal option.

Using aerosol filling equipment is necessary for companies to make products that consumers can easily use. Now, you know a lot about filling machines and how they can be used efficiently and effectively. Go for aerosol filling equipment that are easy to carry and store. You can hire the best companies that give you aerosol filing equipment on rent, and those that are non-corrosive and environment-friendly. This will save your time and cost.

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