This article will guide you about id You’ve bought a HP Inkjet printer and need to utilize it immediately. It would help if you initially introduced the printer and the HP printer programming before you can print your photographs and archives. We’ll disclose how to do printer HP setup in simple steps.

To do printer HP setup, it takes roughly 30 minutes. What do you need?

· A HP inkjet printer

· A4 paper

· Cartridges

· A PC or laptop


Set Up The Printer

First of all place the paper in the printer. Before you start setup your HP printer, your printer must be unloaded, associated, and liberated from any protective material. You can do this as follows:

Unload your HP printer and evacuate all tape and protective equipment from within and outside of the printer. Check the manual to be sure you don’t miss any content. Plugin the force line to control the printer. Turn the printer on and pick the right language on the screen. Include a heap of paper.

To begin with, lift the top front of the printer. On the Jealousy 6234, it’s under the scanner unit. Utilize the handles as an afterthought to lift it. Expel the cartridges from the bundling and ensure you have the correct shading in the ideal spot. The shading is determined on the round. Expel the (orange) sticker from the cartridge and tenderly drive the cartridge into the holder until you hear a tick. Remember that the mark must face upwards. Close the spread when you’ve embedded all the rounds.

WiFi Settings

Go to the WiFi symbol on your printer and to ‘Settings.’ Select the Remote Establishment Wizard and adhere to the on-screen guidelines. Associating your printer can take as long as a moment. You can likewise decide to interface the printer to WiFi later in the establishment procedure through the downloaded programming.

Your printer can print a short guide if it doesn’t work after this progression. To do this, press the WiFi symbol and afterward, “Settings.” Select “Begin.” The printer will print a short manual on how to interface bit by bit.

USB-B Link

If you like to interface the printer legitimately to your PC or PC without utilizing the web, you can use a USB link. Fitting the standard, level USB connector (USB-An) into your PC or PC and attachment the square USB connector (USB-B) into your printer.

Download The Product On Your PC Or Laptop

You’ve associated your printer. Presently, we’ll guarantee that your PC can control the printer. We’ll introduce the EasyStart programming from HP on your PC or PC. Go to ‘’ in your program and enter the item name of your printer, for example, ‘Jealousy 6234’. Download the HP Savvy application or download the fundamental work area programming.

Open HP Easy start

HP Moment Ink, Open the HP EasyStart record you’ve quite recently downloaded from your download organizer. If you have a printer that is good with HP Moment Ink, the program will inquire as to whether you need to utilize your time for testing. Enter your subtleties to use one.

Introduce Programming

EasyStart will, at that point, ask you which programming you need to introduce. Pick the alternative ‘Full programming and drivers’ if you need special programming to take care of issues, notwithstanding the essential driver.

Installation And Begin Printing

Associate your WiFi printer; your drivers are presently introduced on your PC. This can take some time, so don’t hesitate to get some espresso and put your feet on the work area. If you haven’t associated the printer to WiFi, at that point, look into your WiFi code or get a system link. After this progression, the PC will interface with your printer and enjoy printing

Conclusion: At last your printer HP setup interfaces with Wi-Fi, and the establishment is prepared. You can begin printing.

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