With a normal weekday routine gone away, many kids are finding it quite difficult to study at home without their friends around and having their parents as their teachers and many parents are finding it quite frustrating to teach them and not shout at them at the same time. Does that sound familiar to you?

Parents today find it quite tough to make sure that they deal with such circumstances and make this process of imparting knowledge a bit easy by staying patient and tolerant even if the kids don’t listen to them. You can find different tools, tips and tricks on the internet that will help you make the teaching process more entertaining and more creative. Here are a few tips that can help you stay creative and keep your family life sane when you are together during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Ask Yourself Questions

When we talk about creativity, it always starts off by asking different questions and exploring the different corners of dealing with the situation. List down all the Hows, Whys, Whats, Hows and getting to know all the aspects of the reasoning. Make sure that you know that it is all about children and they are always asked questions.

Store Everything That Is Reusable

Do not throw anything away just because you just used a part of it and now it is just a paper roll or a card box or a pair of sticks. Many of these objects are labeled by the brand that these are recyclable and can be used or reused again. For instance, you can use the paper bag from McDonald’s like a mask by making holes in it for the eyes, the disposable glass that holds your soft drink can be reused to teach your kids how sound waves work and so forth. So think out of the box and do not think that once used an object can’t be used again.

Give Your Kids Time to Explore

You as a parent are in control of time and that’s one of the beauties of parenting. Give your child at least two hours to work on a creative task or something that they couldn’t have done at school. This will help them become somebody who has a creative approach to things in daily life. You can look for such tasks as videos and DIY crafts on the internet as well. Make sure that you have an active and reliable internet connection like Spectrum internet services. You can get Spectrum in your home just by dialing in the Spectrum customer service number and get an instant response every time.

Be Creative While Using Your Space in the House

Keep in mind that during this current crisis situation it is a good idea to stay indoors as much as you can and make sure that your family stays indoors too. Try to be creative with all the space you have in your home. Use your creativity and space management skills to assess things you can do with your home and the space you have. Look out for changes that you can make to your space and the room that you have in your home. Make sure that your home and even your closet is not too cluttered. Get rid of all the extra stuff that you have and make sure that you have more space for something creative and productive. It is not something too tiring or something that you have to think about. So put your creativity and space management skills to good use

Teach Your Kids to Help You in the Kitchen

You do not get creative with arts and crafts only. Creativity or creative thinking also gets you amazing results while you are in the kitchen. Every recipe that you see in your cookbook today or on the internet is a result of a human being with a restless mind that was eager to think out of the box and wanted to create something new. Sometimes it was a failure and sometimes it made the mind behind the recipe to reach to the top. Give your kids and other members of the family, especially guys some knowledge about recipes, cuisine and how to add flavor to a meal. This will help you become a helping hand while you’re working and will help other members of the family to explore a whole new skill during the current lockdown

Let Them Talk to Their Friends

This is one very important skill that shouldn’t die within your kid during the lockdown. Social distancing and self-isolation do not mean that you take the social and civil sense out of your kids. Communicating with friends is really important especially during the current lockdown period when kids are confined to their rooms or their home. You can get them a Zoom account and let them talk to their friends, if not every day, then at least once or thrice in the week. It is very important that your kid stays connected to his or her friend or friends. This should be someone who is not you and not another adult individual.

Teach Them to Share the Responsibility

Plan and give a certain task that teaches your kids and other members of the family to be responsible. This will empower them and will give them a sense of control of things that they like to do. Even if this requires them to do something as useless as staying in the room and using the internet, let them do it and give them time for it. They will get bored doing that and will lose interest in it and will need something more exciting and interesting to do. This is where you will have them manned up to the task that you have pre-assigned for them.


Working with your family is an amazing thing to do and to make your family become creative and for yourself to stay creative. During the current lockdown situation, it is a good time to start cultivating a habit of responsibility using some creative ways and keep all members of your family from getting bored. All you need is to be patient and not to get frazzled if there is a disappointing situation. Identify where things went wrong and channel weaknesses into strengths.

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