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Soccer has been the dominant sport for well over a century now, both in terms of its lucrative value to investors and sponsors and its global reach and appeal to billions of people around the world. Almost every single country has a domestic soccer pyramid filled with stacked competitive calendars which, coupled with the ever increasing amount of continental and international tournaments on show, can make following the sport a tricky ask for fans. 


This is especially true for fans who reside outside of the time zones and areas in which their club operates. 


Thankfully, the rise of the internet has brought with it a plethora of ways that allow fans to keep up to date with all the latest goings on from the world of soccer. Here’s your guide on just some of the most popular ways of making sure you’re never out of the loop when it comes to the beautiful game. 


Official Websites


Most football clubs are seriously marketable organisations and, as such, have leapt at the opportunity to increase their brand awareness by setting up official websites that are filled with everything visitors require to get a full understanding of how their team operates. 


These sites will usually come with dynamic rolling blogs filled with the latest breaking stories, complete staff and player pages showcasing all of their players, videos from matches or press conferences with officials, players or the coaching staff, updates around any other sides they have such as their women’s team, youth academies, information on their links to their communities such as charity arms and often an official club shop that allows fans to purchase the latest kits and merchandise. 


For a full view on how a club is run on the day to day operations side, their official website is always a good place to turn to. 


Betting Sites


Betting and wagering has always been a popular pursuit amongst football fans, and online bookmakers have increasingly become the places these fans go to keep up with all the latest goings on from inside the sport. 


Taking a look at the latest soccer odds at an online wagering specialist such as will give a great indication of how a team is performing over the course of a season, as well as giving insights into subtle exotic nuances such as home/away from, head to head records and even how a team plays e.g. if a bookmaker offers good odds on a team scoring more than 2+ goals a game, you can infer that they are having a successful season in front of goal. 


On top of that, these bookmakers have increasingly begun to expand their sites to include blogs, news and tipping pages in an effort to create a single platform for soccer fans to have everything they need to follow the sport in a single place. 


Social Media Handles


As well as establishing an online presence through their own official websites, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have become increasingly popular places for soccer clubs to share news and updates with fans online. They will often feature breaking news up to the minute its announced, give running commentaries on games as they’re played and keep fans in the loop with developments from around the club in a quick and concise manner. 


There are also platforms such as YouTube, which now allow fans to watch all the action from the pitch unfold, either through highlights or livestreams straight from the stadium. 


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