Fleas are tiny wingless insects that are often found in furry pets such as dogs or cats. They are parasites in the host and they live by sucking host’s blood. Fleas cannot fly but their strong legs enable them to jump remarkably far and spread over many shady warm places. Humans are not commonly flea’s target host, but somehow they still find way to disturb us. It would be such a concern if fleas infest your hair, which is very much similar to the habitat of furry animals. You will never want to catch a flea in your hair, but if it does happen, you have got to do something about it as soon as possible because fleas lay eggs every day and heavy infestation is not far away.

Good Flea Treatment Products
Good Flea Treatment Products

How could we know that fleas are present in your hair? The answer is you may get bitten and the bites become so itchy that you will feel like scratching your scalp. Closer look among your hair may reveal fleas. The source of the insect invasion could be from your pets when you hug and sleep with them.

There are good flea treatment products available on the market that you can easily search for. However, to de-flea in your hair, we need to take greater care and opt for natural non-toxic products. Let’s see what can we do to get rid of the nuisance.

Shampoo and Comb

The fact that washing your hair every day is an excellent treatment of flea infestation. There are a variety of shampoos which are dedicated to treating lice or hair-mites. Tea oil based products are effective to de-flea your hair as well. Therefore, look for those specific shampoos and apply it to your hair every day while washing up. Shampooing and combing will help to remove fleas and eggs efficiently. Any fleas which are caught by thick teeth of the comb can be killed by soapy water. Keep applying this method and you will soon get rid of flea trouble.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is such a poison to flea but absolutely safe to us. This fine powder is widely used for cleaning, deodorizing, or adding in the food industry. Now you can also use the substance to treat fleas in your hair. First, you need to create a spray out of baking soda and some water.  Next, spray that mixture in your hair and leave it for at least 10 minutes to take effect. Then, you can clean up with warm water.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The acidic liquid is ideal to treat fleas in your hair and also flea bites if you are unluckily bitten. Fleas and flea eggs will be destroyed once the living environment becomes acidic.  Simply dilute apple cider vinegar with warm water and apply it on your hair and particularly your scalp. Each treatment should be about 15 minutes before trying to rinse off with water. This is such a cost-effective way to get rid of fleas in your hair.

De-flea Pets and House

No matter how hard you try to cure your hair of fleas, if your pets or living space is still infested with the insect, you will get attacked again. Thus, make a comprehensive plan to de-flea your pets and your house indoors and outdoors. Fleas could be in your sofa, bed, carpets, rugs, dark corners or hiding in grasses, lawn, shrubs or wood stacks. Take action now to clean up and put things in order so that fleas have no chance to interfere with your well-beings.

Good Flea Treatment Products
Good Flea Treatment Products

In short, fleas in hair may worry you a lot, but you can refer to remedies mentioned above to treat it effectively. More importantly, take good care of your living environment so that no flea could come to disturb you or your pets anymore.

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