UAB Kilo Grupe on Support: How This Organization Is Providing More Support for Entrepreneurs

There has never been more value placed on being your own boss. Having the opportunity to make decisions on your own terms is an invaluable benefit, one that many promising professionals are willing to risk everything to try and pursue their unique business vision.

This has put organizations and individuals somewhat at odds with one another. The more progressive companies are scrambling to find solutions where they can retain the best talent without penning them in.

UAB Kilo Grupe is a digital healthcare leader in a coveted space, and its leadership team has developed a program to help healthcare entrepreneurs share their ideas and take the next step toward realizing their goals.

The Co-Found Program

The co-found program is perhaps the best example of Kilo Grupe’s initiative. With this offer, entrepreneurs are invited to either pitch an idea or pick an existing idea and carry it through to completion. This might be an app that specializes in a specific health disorder, such as insomnia, or a tool that helps people measure vital data, such as their heart rate.

While the demands on a project runner are time-intensive, the flip side is that entrepreneurs get all the resources they need. Manpower, finances, helpful feedback: talented professionals don’t have to wait anymore to branch out on their own.

To get accepted into this program, the prospective employee needs to show they have the experience and skill to scale a digital product across multiple devices and countries. Popular apps may potentially be downloaded by millions of users, and Kilo Grupe prioritizes a consistent experience for each and every user.

Opportunities for All

The co-found program is an incredible opportunity, but it’s also one that not everyone will have the time for. Developing a digital product from scratch typically means having an accommodating schedule that will allow for the many twists and turns a project can take.

Yet Kilo Health has no intention of losing out on top talent just because they have more responsibilities in their life. This is why all employees are provided with advancement opportunities from early on in their careers. Instead of seeing people as little more than the formal experience on their resume, Kilo Grupe looks at a person’s deeper character. Ultimately, people who leave companies to venture out on their own often do so because they rarely feel seen or respected at an organization. Kilo wants to be more than just a place to punch in and out everyday — its leadership team wants all of its members to feel that their work is celebrated.

Kilo Grupe Takes on Health

Kilo Grupe operates in an exceptionally tricky sector, particularly when considering the climate today. Not only can health be a subjective matter, it’s also one that is constantly shifting based on new research and public opinion alike. Employees may have their work cut out for them, but the truth is that Kilo is providing the path for an upward trajectory like few other companies can. It’s no wonder the company is attracting some of the best and brightest talent from throughout the industry.

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