A gift can express your deep feelings for someone without even saying a word. It is the best messenger for your heartfelt emotions and can make the person receiving the gift happy. Bringing a smile on our loved one faces is our desire, and we always are looking for ways that can help us do that. When we purchase a gift, the only concern we have is that the packaging for the product is good and safe. Packaging manufacturers and buyers have realized the importance of good packaging. They are working hard to think of ideas and designs to make the packaging more unique and attractive. Various designs are in the trend, and many particular models are popular these days. One of the most popular and loved designs of packaging are window gift boxes. In this post, we will list down the types of window boxes available in the market and how they can make your gift special.

Why are window gift boxes special?

Gift boxes with windows are commonly used by many gift shop sellers these days. The demand for such window boxes has increased because people have realized how attractive they look and how they can add value to their gift. Imagine the excitement on your loved one face when they get the box delivered to their doorstep. When they can the gift placed inside in parts and pieces, they will be excited even before opening the package. They will start guessing if the gift is their favorite item they have wanted to buy for a long time. And there might be chances that the whole gift is visible from the outside, and they hurry to open the package with excitement.


The shipping team can also treat the package according to the item placed inside. If the package is all covered, they might not know how weak a gift inside is. They might put it at the wrong place during the shipping, and it might get damaged. Especially in the case of food items like chocolates and cookies being extra careful is a must if the gift is visible from the outside through the window your gift is delivered safely.

Types of Window Boxes

Since window boxes have been many trendy kinds of window boxes are out in the market. With the full range of variety available, almost all types of products can be placed in the window boxes because there is a window box for everything in the market.


Window Boxes with clear window

Clear window gift boxes are suitable for kid’s parties and wedding parties. Kids get excited by receiving gifts, and if they see cookies and chocolates, they can’t wait to open up the box. Gift boxes with clear windows have a clear space that shows the insides of the box, and the receiver can see the item placed inside clearly. Plastic material is used in most cases to cover up the window space so that it remains covered and also transparent. The return gifts at weddings, which contain small luxurious items like perfumes, are also packed in such window boxes. Many brides and grooms are choosing such boxes because they are attractive and don’t leave a suspense element to the receiver.

Small window boxes

Our gifts are not always plentiful and prominent. There are many times when the gift we purchase is small in size. Surprise or proposal rings are one of the standard small-sized gifts purchased by people commonly. Small window gift boxes are also widely used for dessert items like a few pieces of chocolates or a piece of pastry. A freshly baked pastry or a fresh pizza placed in a window box will make everyone happy.





Cardboard boxes


Whenever we purchase a gift, we want it to be delivered in its original state, and that can only be possible if the package is made of sturdy material. Cardboard window gift boxes are made up of cardboard material that is strong and durable and can keep any luxurious or food item safe and secure.


Large-sized Boxes

Gifts like clothing can be placed in large window gift boxes, and the boxes can enhance the value of the outfit. When the clothes become visible through the window of the boxes just by a glance, you know that the shopkeeper has done the right job and has given you the fresh piece. The outfit fit well in large boxes and can become a permanent home for the clothes.

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