Dorian Rossini

A child who is from Paris (France) with a desire of become a superstar. No one known that one day he will get his dreams. The name of that child is Dorian Rossini, who was born on 13 Dec 1990. He was good in singing and dancing and also take parts in different school competitions. He took a start of his career by worked as DJ in different night clubs and parties. People were out there starting like his music. Later, he decided to work for him. He wrote many songs in French and English. He has brilliant Voice and dance steps, which makes him more popular in both categories which are dancing and singing.

More information about Dorian Rossini:

He is famous for his songs and specially for it two album which he released in 2013 and 2014, known as Starmania and Religion. These two albums went viral worldwide. These albums gave him millions of followers on its social media accounts. He is also an electronic music composer by his skills, he got an amazing position on international stage. He also participated in different reality shows but he became more popular during the cast of a show named as Angels.

An interview which is held by a YouTuber “Jeremstar” in which Dorian Rossini came nude. In his interview he said ” Comment faire des selfies avec Dorian Rossini” which means in English is ” How to make selfies with Dorian Rossini”. This comment made him popular on his social media accounts and on Google too. Normally it’s a trend to make selfies with a celebrity. This is the main reason behind his popularity and he has 130,000+ followers on his Twitter account in very short period of time. Some are facts are mention below:

  • He usually spends his free time in photography, he loves beauty of nature.
  • Living in peace and happiness is the best priority by him and it’s a message for all human beings.
  • Playing guitar is also his hobby and he is a good guitarist.
  • His net worth is about $500,000 and most of his wealth is made from its singing career.

How to Make Selfies with Dorian Rossini:

After his show, this comment went viral throughout the internet. If you are searching a way of having a selfie with him then you are at right place. I will tell you, How to make selfies with Dorian Rossins with two to three methods, by following them you can make a selfie with him. May be some methods are expensive or other may be cheap or some are time taking. So, it depends on you how much you craze of having a selfie. Following are the methods which can help you to taking a selfie with your star:

  1. Install Adobe photoshop in your supported system, then try to search Dorian Rossini perfect picture from internet or his social media accounts which suits one of yours. Select a photo of you that you want to create a photo with him. If you know that how to use Adobe photoshop then you will create extraordinary photo quality and it cannot be judge by someone that, photo is real or fake. You can also edit Photo in your smartphone which you are using now. In this way you can create a photo without spending time and money on it.


  1. Try to visit one of his concerts, in a way of getting Selfies with him then go to a visa consultant and ask him about a visa of France and purchase a ticket to Paris from where you are living. Take someone with you who don’t make you feel boring. once you reached there then you need to Keep an eye on its social activities. In his social media accounts may be posted about his coming concert or maybe he posted already. So, follow him on social media which will provide all you need about a concert. Travels all the beautiful places are out there, explore all specific places which refund your spending’s on a selfie. In case you didn’t make a selfie with him, then you won’t be regret of spending money and time.


  1. Just wait by staying at home and checking his daily updates or story of his about any social media account. If you get something good about his concert or fans meetup then don’t waste your time in thinking and book your own ticket for a concert and enjoy. Stay close to him, by finding an occasion make a selfie with him. If it happens then consider you as lucky person.

Dorian Rossini Streaming:

If you are searching about the music of Dorian Rossini then you are at good place here it is all about him or more than that you need to know. So, following list is about his albums:

  • Fusion
  • Nova
  • Starmania
  • Religion

Two albums which gave him millions of following on his social media accounts that are Religion and Starmania. These two albums are proved him, internationally. Some are songs by him are listed below:

  • Flow
  • Don’t Worry
  • Intro
  • Good Morning
  • Nova
  • Electrozion
  • Projection
  • Dream
  • Wake
  • Les Mayas
  • Your Times
  • Metalo
  • Masculation Yeah Yeah
  • Give Me
  • L’invincible
  • Jingle Bells
  • Fusion
  • Je Suis Dieu

If you want to get songs by him than you are at good hands. He published his songs on different platform such as Deezer, Spotify, YouTube and iTunes. By using these songs platforms, you can get Dorian Rossini Streaming songs which is free of cost and you can enjoy yourself by listening and downloading top songs pf him.

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