In recent years, the inclination towards gaming has witnessed a high rise, and one of the popular game that we will be focussing on in this blog is the Pokemon Trading Card Game. It is commonly known as PTCG or Pokémon TCG. In 1996, the Pokémon game was published by the Media Factory in Japan and then the car game was released in October 1996. This game is quite similar to the Pokemon video game. Initially, it was developed and released by Wizards of the Coast, but in 2016, Nintendo transferred this game’s rights to the Pokemon Company.

There are six prize cards, and you need to collect all of them to win the game. There is another way to win the game, where you need to knock out all opponents’ Pokemon from the field. If you knock out all opponents, then there will be no card left in their deck, and all prize cards will be credited to your deck automatically.

How to Play the Pokemon Trading Card Game?

Two players place their Pokemon card and boost them up using an energy card and support it using the supporting card. Each player can have 6 cards in one go. Only the active Pokemon can attack while the others wait for their turn. The basic Pokemon card is placed first. Then you have the evolution card, which is played on the active Pokemon card. Energy cards fuel the Pokemon attacks. Only one energy card can be attached at a time. The player who draws the entire price card is the winner, or you can also knock down the opponent. To start the pokemon trading card game, you need to select the player by flipping a coin. You can shuffle the cards and select the seven cards for your deck. You should start with a basic level of the game, and if you do not play this basic Pokemon, then your opponent will get a chance to win a card.

Different Types of Cards Available In Pokemon Trading Card Game?

Basic Pokemon are the foundation of your decks, and you cannot play this game without the players. You can find some depicts of a Pokemon on each card, and you can collect up to six Pokemon cards. Each cardis different and you can find a name, type, and amount of Health Points on these cards.

To win the game, you need to attack the opponent, and you have to destroy all opponents’ active Pokemon, including their benched Pokemon. Pokemon Trading Card Game is based on card,s and you can choose different types of cards to attack your opponent. Playing this game requires lots of energy,y and you can use the energy cards to refuel your Pokemon.

You can play with the basic Pokemon onto the Bench, but you need to use an Evolved Pokemon card in the next stage. You can place this card on the field directly. There are several stages available in the Pokemon Trading Card Game, and you need to cross these stages to win the game. For example, stage-1 is known as basic Pokemon, and Stage-2 is known as Pokemon. So, from Stage-2, you can use your Pokemon, and you can gain power from HP.

You can find Pokemon-EX cards during the game, introduced in the Pokemon Trading Card Game as a TCG set of EX Ruby and Sapphire. You can use these cards to hit opponents. Ruby Pokemon card is a unique card introduced by Neo Genesis, a special card with low HP and some strange power to hit the opponents.

You will also find other cards in Pokemon Trading Card Game, like Pokemon GX, Shiny Pokemon, Baby Pokemon and Break Pokemon cards. You can find the Baby Pokemon and Break Pokemon cards in the Pokemon Trading Card Game X and Y Series. On the other part, you can use a special card called Secret Rare Pokémon cards, which have a shiny gold-plated look.

Pokemon Trading Card Game is a free online trading game, and you can download this game online; and there are world competition for this game. So, if you are a Pokemon fan, then you must participate in it.

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