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things to know before getting a permanent tattoo
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Important things to know before getting a Permanent Tattoo


August 27, 2020

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So you have been thinking of getting inked and you’re not quite sure as to how to go about deciding and getting it done? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.Getting your first tattoo can be very exciting, but it can also be very intimidating because you don’t want to have second thoughts later in life about a permanent body art. And hence it is essential that you do your homework and make sure that you are prepared for both the pain and pleasure that comes with getting inked. Here are a few important things to know before getting a permanent tattoo to help you make your decision firm.

Tattoos and Body Art are permanent. They are like an imprint which you are going to have on your body for the rest of your life. And therefore you should take your time and deliberate on the idea of getting a tattoo. Also, carefully choose the kind of tattoo art you want. Make sure it’s something that you connect with or feel strongly about, which is unlikely to change in the future. Steer clear of inking someone’s name on your body to avoid a potentially embarrassing situation later. Let’s face it, a meaningful and beautiful tattoo can make you feel good everyday but you better think twice before inking any name.

Getting a permanent tattoo made on any part of your body is going to be painful. Have no doubts about it. It feels like a very sharp needle constantly pricking your body at a very fast pace for a very long time. The type of your tattoo design also determines the intensity of pain. Larger tattoos and tattoos with intricate designs tend to be more painful. And of course the pain intensity varies depending on the level of your pain threshold. So yes, tattoos do hurt but if it really means a lot to you on a personal level, it can be worth it.

Always choose your tattoo artist carefully and make sure they practice all measures of infection control. Do a thorough research about the tattoo artist in your area and zero in on someone whose work really inspires you and one that you are familiar with. Always have a conversation with the tattoo artist so as to create a design that you love. Like you would do with any doctor, make sure that your tattoo artist keeps the area clean and sanitised, uses sterilised instruments, wears gloves, uses a fresh needle and high quality ink.

Another important thing to know before getting a permanent tattoo is that your tattooed area will be inflamed just like a fresh wound till it heals, which takes about two weeks. You will religiously need to take care of that area until that time. Avoid getting the area wet and pat dry it after a shower. Use a gentle cleansing liquid to keep it clean and do not let sweat accumulate in the area. It might get a little itchy, but do not scratch that area. Apply a small amount of unscented lotion and keep the area lightly moisturised.

So these were a few tips for those who are thinking of getting inked. Just do your research, think about it, be careful and most importantly be sure. Be physically well and mentally prepared before going for your tattoo session. Don’t forget to tip your tattoo artist generously. We sincerely hope that your first tattoo session will be a memorable one.

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