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Impractical Jokers: New punishment ideas for each joker


September 2, 2016

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Impractical Jokers sees some of the most entertaining moments on television any given week. The show has grown a huge fan base, largely in part to all four jokers being relate-able and downright hilarious. On top of that, every single episode we get to see one of them take on a punishment for losing in that week’s episode.

The reason the penalties are so great is Sal, Joe, Q or Murr, whichever joker lost that week, cannot refuse anything they are told to do. This leads to some of the most uncomfortable and laughs out loud moments on the show every week. Murr, who is seriously scared of heights, was forced to jump out of a plane one week. His reaction to finding out he would have to do just that, plus his screaming as he was in the air are simply priceless. It is a true emotion coming through which makes the show relate to fans.

Then there was the time Sal was forced to yell “Bingo” after every number was pulled in a bingo hall. He was legitimately pissing off everyone in the building, as they were there to have a good time. You could see him growing more and more uncomfortable each and every time he had to yell Bingo. He was relieved when he was escorted out by the police.

So with that said, it is time to unveil some ideas for new punishments. Below you will find a punishment idea for each joker!

Joe – Waiter at a wedding

One of the most important events in any person’s life is their wedding. It is an event that requires a ton of planning, and a lot that goes into making the day perfect. So what would be better than seeing a couple celebrate their wedding, only to find out that Joe Gatto is going to have to undergo a punishment as a waiter at a wedding reception.

The guys could have Joe do some serious damage at a wedding, and all of the guests would be talking about him the entire night. For this to go down, it would likely require the approval of the couple getting married, but everyone can be left in the dark. And that opens the door to the priceless reactions from people that any solid punishment should have.

Things could start off with Joe hurling insults at cocktail hour. After that, he could just make a mess by spilling a food tray all over the floor. And like a cocktail hour being the appetizer before the actual reception, this would just be the start.

At the actual reception, Joe could interrupt the couple’s first dance. Maybe to take a selfie with them right after the music hits. The guys could follow that up by having him crash the dance floor, and bust out his Joe Gatto moves. But that is not all. He could knock over the cake, spill food on the bride and groom, and so much more.

But the thing that would make the whole thing the best punishment ever is if the groom is named Larry!

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Sal – Cats and kids

Two things that Sal hates the most are cats and germs. So this one starts out quite simple. The guys put Sal in a room, and his instructions are simple. He just needs to sit there. Then they let in the cats, and young kids. And all Sal is allowed to do is sit there.

He will have cats climbing all over him. He will have kids picking their noses and then coming up to him and touching his shirt and arm. He would be skived out, but is not allowed to do anything. But the best part is, in typical Impractical Jokers fashion, that is not all. Sal will think he is done after an hour of sitting there, but he would be mistaken.

During that time, the rest of the guys will have brought about ten cats to Sal’s house. And let them loose to do whatever they please. When Sal arrives home, he will be in for quite the surprise. When he sees the cats, he would obviously want to leave. But to finish off the punishment, Sal will be forced to go the night with the cats in his house.

Safe to say, the true punishment comes in the form of Sal getting no sleep that night.

Murr – Helicopter tour guide

As I mentioned above, Murr has been through one of the best punishments in the show’s history when the guys made him jump out of a plane. Well now, they are sending him up in a helicopter. While Murr will be relived to know he will not have to jump out, this time, he is set for an uncomfortable time.

Murr will be sent in the air in a small space with a handful of people. And the entire time he is in the air, he must just insult the people who are on the tour. Why is this such a great punishment? Murr has nowhere to go. Unless he wants to jump out, that is! It is sure to lead some highly uncomfortable situations, and maybe Murr will consider jumping out. Ok maybe not.

Then to add insult to injury, this is not going to be a one-time thing. He will be sent upon multiple tours, with the same agenda. Sal and Q have undergone some of the more cringe-worthy and uncomfortable punishments, so now it is Murr’s turn. And it only adds to it that it takes place in the air.

Q – Time to join a bowling league

This idea was spawned based off of Sal’s bingo punishment. Like bingo halls, people can get into their bowling leagues. But in this week’s meet up for bowling, there will be a new member. And that member will be none other than our guy Q!

Each time Q is set to go, he will be forced to take forever. He will get to do some ridiculous stuff to stall from rolling the ball, and the other players are sure to get quite mad at him. To add to it, when he finally does roll it, he will be terrible. A few balls will be thrown right in the gutter. Some thrown into the wrong lane. Others threw in an odd fashion that will have limited chance for success.

Then add in the fact that he can annoy the other bowlers as they are bowling. While one of the more serious bowlers is getting set, Q could walk right in front of them as he tries to catch a Pokemon. Then the next player is on their back swing, and Q just let’s out a loud shout of “Where are my cheese fries!?”.

Like the bingo punishment, this one will likely end in Q being escorted out. His fellow bowlers will surely be tired of his antics by the second or third frame.

Impractical Jokers can be seen on Thursday nights at 10 pm. Thursdays usually also feature the jokers on for most of the day, so you can binge on the laughter that comes from the challenges and punishments.

What is your favorite punishment from the show? And what are some ideas for new sentences you’d like to see? Tell us in the comments!

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