Social Media Marketing Strategies for Your Website

We all know the relevance of social media in our daily lives; most of us have various accounts on social media platforms, from the ubiquitous Facebook to LinkedIn to Instagram, Twitter, and more. It follows, then, that a significant portion of everyone’s time is spent on one social media account or another – and if you have a business and you haven’t been able to utilise the full benefits of social media as of yet, you could well be missing out. But where should you begin? Here’s your step-by-step guide to improving your social media marketing strategies for your website. 

Step 1: make sure they know where you are

The first step is to make sure your customers and clients know where you are in the social media arena. For example, you should display the icons of your social media accounts prominently on your website and blog posts. A majority of users and visitors check out what sites you are on when they are interested in what you have to offer, so let them know where you are active. If you have a large audience on Instagram, for example, but you’ve only put down Twitter and Facebook on your pages, make sure you update it. Make use of the phrase ‘Follow us on…’ for a more impactful and straightforward message.

Step 2: don’t neglect to make a gallery on Instagram

A good percentage of Instagram users have been known to take specific action once they are inspired by an Instagram post, and with your own Instagram company feed, you can transfer content generated by users to your site, promote engagement, and add vitality and vibrancy to your brand. It would also be good to think about your industry or niche and work carefully on your strengths in your niche. 

Step 3: make use of YouTube videos

If you haven’t got a blog yet, it’s definitely time to make one, as affirmed by expert and experienced web developers and designers like Expre. But if you already have a blog, you can then utilise your posts and make them more attractive and informative by embedding videos. Videos can certainly give your posts a better and broader dimension, and even if photos and images can work quite well, there’s still something about videos that can transform your viewers’ experience. Apart from this, videos can present your audience with a more detailed explanation of who you are, what you do, and so on, and they are a lot more interactive compared to just images or photos. Videos can give you a chance to showcase your team, your products and services, and other relevant details about your company and brand. You can even create your own YouTube channel so you can establish a more robust social media presence. 

Other considerations 

You should also focus on lead generation, and this is where effective calls-to-action will come in. Once your stronger presence on social media has resulted in more visitors to your site, you’d want them to remain – and perhaps even take action. Your calls-to-action should therefore be strong from a visual standpoint and perspective, and they should also be persuasive and work well with your website’s theme and message. Additionally, make them stand out, and be clear about what you would like visitors to do. 

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