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Originating during the 1950s, several mineral and gem societies and clubs hosted gem and mineral shows. While these smaller events drew small crowds, popularity of these events increased significantly during the 1960s, which is when the event referred to as Denver Gem and Mineral Show first appeared. It was at this time that all the smaller shows were combined into one.

History of the Denver Gem & Mineral Show

The first ever Denver Gem & Mineral Show occurred in 1967 and over the years, it has grown into the biggest show in the U.S. and has several satellite shows that have popped up in the nearby areas. As time has passed and the show has grown and evolved several exhibits have been created and displayed at national and regional museums. These are still popular attractions, along with an array of other activities.

What to Expect When Attending the Denver Gem & Mineral Show?

This is a three-day event that has a low admission fee for everyone. It’s also possible to purchase a three-day pass to the event. During the event, there are an array of activities that will occur, including the ability to see fossils, attend workshops, hear presentations from industry experts, talk with dealers, pan for gold, and have minerals identified.

The Denver Mineral Show is one of the smaller components shows that makes up the Denver Show. The focus at this event is on minerals, but there are also booths that have fossils (similar to ones you can find when you visit this site), meteorites, jewelry, and gems.

If you are going to the show to buy minerals and other items, you’ll find the price range fits any budget with options being available from $1 to thousands. There are plenty of good deals to be found on mineral specimens, jewelry, cabochons, fossils, slabs, polished rocks and more. There is also an array of exciting and interesting displays where you can take pictures with the kids, and for the more serious buyers, there’s always a large tent setup that’s filled with dealers who are selling bulk fossils and minerals.

Source: FolssilEra

What to Do and Where to Go

As mentioned above, the Denver Gem & Mineral show is actually just one event and part of a bigger set of events. If you are looking for specific specimen or events, make sure you consider the other events going on earlier or later in the week. If you are looking for specific items, use the guide here:

Mineral Specimens: Attend the Denver Mineral Show and the Denver Fine Mineral Show

Fossils: Attend the Main Club Show and the event that’s held in the Denver Coliseum

Meet Dealers who Sell Online: All events

Rough Minerals: The Main Club Show and Denver Gem & Mineral Show

Kids Activities and Exhibits: The Main Club Show and the Denver Gem & Mineral Show

Wholesale Deals: Denver Gem & Mineral show and the Wholesale Show being held at Collector’s Edge

Fine Mineral Specimens: Denver Gem & Mineral Show, Denver Mineral Show, fine Mineral Show, Main Club Show

As you can see, there are several opportunities for you to find the gems and minerals that you are looking for. You can also opt to attend the events that best suit your interests if you don’t plan to attend them all. There’s no question the Denver Gem & Mineral Show is one of the best options as it is designed to offer something for everyone, regardless of age.

Are You Ready to Attend the Denver Gem & Mineral Show?

If you are thinking about attending the Denver Gem & Mineral Show, make sure you keep the information here in mind. I will help ensure you make the most of your time and that you can find the items you are most interested in.

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