In the summer months, the temperatures can get pretty high, causing your home to heat above comfortable levels. That’s why installing an air conditioning unit for your apartment complex or residential home is crucial. But when’s the best time to actually install it? Honestly, you’ll want to do this before the summer, because you can actually save a lot of money. And if you have an air conditioning unit installed already, you can easily get it ready for the summer. Here’s how.

If You Already Have an Air Conditioning Unit

Here’s what you can do to help save you a lot on energy costs for the summer, and hopefully save you from untimely maintenance.

1.Change out your air filters in your AC and HVAC unit. Even window unit filters may need changed.

2.Clean out condensers or recharge them.

3.Upgrade your thermostat and get one you can program in detail.

4.Sweep off the coils on the outside condenser unit.

5.Brush off the fins since they get grime, dust, and even grass in them easily.

6.Make sure the concrete slab underneath your condenser unit is clean and level.

7.Get rid of debris or vegetation all around the condenser outside.

8.Find out if your ductwork has any leaks.

If You Don’t Have a Unit Installed

If you don’t have a unit installed, you’ll definitely want to get an AC unit before the summer months. There are many reasons, for starters, in the heat of summer, HVAC specialists usually charge a little more because of more than one reason. One of them is the supply and demand factor. With the higher demand of air conditioning units in the summer, and the lower supply rate, the cost is going to be higher.

Also, you have to realize that an HVAC specialist that is going to be doing heavy and hard work in the heat is putting his neck out there for you and risking a lot more safety precautions. Make sure your contracted specialist is licensed and fully insured in case anything may happen. Because the dangers are higher in the hot summer months, an HVAC specialist is going to charge more too, and you can’t really blame him. You can reserve via a website though at Online Booking.

So, When’s the Best Time to Install a Unit?

If you don’t have a central air conditioning unit, but you’re wanting one installed, or even if you’re opting in for other solutions, the best time to actually buy an air conditioning unit or have it installed is in the warmer part of the spring months. You don’t want to try and have an HVAC specialist install central heating and air in freezing temperatures, but you don’t want them to fry outside in one hundred degrees weather either. Therefore, around March through to the middle of May is the best time to have an air conditioner installed.


As we mentioned, we want you to have the best experiences possible and be able to save money while doing it, so if you follow some of the advice in this article, you can easily have your air conditioning unit installed rather quickly and be ready for the summer! On a special note, even if you just had your air conditioning unit installed in March, you may want to do all of the above on the “already installed list” just to double check and build a healthy habit of inspecting things.


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