interesting facts of OSRS

Old School RuneScape is a multiplayer role playing game developed by Jagex that can be played online. It is a very popular game which has a larger fan base than its predecessor RuneScape which was launched in 2007 and its successor RuneScape 3 that was launched in 2013. Old School RuneScape is played in a persistent world of Gielinor which has adventure elements and where the players interact with each other and the environment. The player is a character in the game that gains experience points to level up their individual skills, i.e. gathering, artisan and combat, making the character more powerful. Old School RuneScape has been dominating the hearts of many videogame players for a variety of reasons. Although, many might claim to know the game in and out, there are certain interesting facts of OSRS that many might not know about. Listed below are a few of them.

  • Initially the developers did not have enough resources to change the map for the nightmare zone hence they used old maps which contained a cow in the nightmare zone lobby. Because of this there is a very small chance for a cow to appear in the nightmare zone dream.
  • In OSRS there is an alternative home teleport animation that you can still obtain. This was originally given away as a commemoration for Rune fest 2014, but you can still get it in the game. To get it, head to Diango and redeem the code by typing “osrsf2014”. This will unlock the cow teleport emote and after you click home teleport and change animation, you can get kicked to the moon by the cow.
  • Another interesting fact of OSRS is that the Amulet of Glory has a secret use in mining. If you wear it during mining, it increases your chances of finding a gem. It also increases the speed of gem rock mining. The only mine that it doesn’t work on is the Salt mines.
  • Did you know that you can hide your entire character model locally by typing a particular text in your chat box? This does not work on multiple servers and therefore other people will be able to see you even when you cannot see yourself. All you have to do is type “::renderself” to hide your entire self and type the exact thing again to become visible.
  • When you are playing the monkey madness quest and carrying the monkey from the Ardougne zoo to the Karamjan, you can give him bananas so that eventually he spits out a medium clue. You can do this even when you’re playing through a Maxed Main Rental OSRS
  • A music track in OSRS has a hidden message. This music track is in Morse Code. It was released with the Fremennik Isle quest and the message code spells out RuneScape with high pitched flute in the song.
  • There is a Lord of The Rings reference in OSRS. When you take a ring on the bridge over the lava, a goblin appears and yells “My Precious” and then disappears.

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