Summer is just about here, which means one thing if you’re a woman. Bikinis and swimsuits.

While some are already making plans to travel to exotic locales, debating what sunscreen to buy and how much they want to work on their tan lines, choosing the most flattering swimwear is also likely to also be on their list. While not known here in the United States, newly-opened Australian online swimwear line, Bikini Love should be on your swimsuit-buying radar.

Photo: Glen Krohn | IG: @glenKrohn

Bikini Love, based in Sydney, Australia offers worldwide shipping, payment installment options, a selection of approximately 60 designer swimsuits from international labels such as Lady Lux, Mijanou, Cosita Linda, Lychee Swimwear, Dulza Mara and Khongboon.

The site features a variety of styles and cuts to flatter every woman from teeny Brazilian, to high-waisted and padded options, reversible  swimsuits, monokinis, and one-pieces, the only issue will be choosing! With designs such as the Kiribati Bikini featured in Sports Illustrated 2016 by swimsuit model Hannah Davis and Bachelor Australia reality contestant and Aussie glamour model, Kiki Morris, who has made quite a name for herself on Instagram and the socialite scene.

The woman behind the scenes in putting Bikini Love on the proverbial swimwear map is its talented and sassy CEO, Dana Randall.

Randall, a Sydney-based celebrity stylist and boutique owner, opened her first boutique in 2010 in the exclusive Sydney suburb of Double Bay and expanded into Paddington. Not content with chain stores and trends, Dana brought to Australia luxury brands from around the world and upcoming local designers with an abundance of talent.

Below is my Q and A with Dana as we talk hottest bikini trends and styles to look for this summer, difference between Australian and American swimwear fashion and the best beaches to hit down in Sydney.

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Photo: Andrew Donato | Model: Katarzyna Aurora Sprengel


Robert D. Cobb: Since you’re a swimsuit boutique owner, what swimwear trends and looks do you see being hot?

Dana Randall:Being a stylist, I’m not interested in trends but quality fabrics and designs that will last the test of time.
Triangle bikini tops flatter all bust sizes and Brazilian, moderate coverage bikini pants look best on many body shapes. Monokinis are also flattering for most women.”


Robert D. Cobb: What exudes confidence in looking hot and sexy for the summer on the beach?

Dana Randall:The way you feel about yourself will determine how you hold yourself and walk proudly. Eat healthily and try fit in some exercise if you would like a bit more tone but everyone looks amazing when they are happy with what they have and are proud to show it off!”

Robert D. Cobb: As the owner of a boutique swimwear and bikini line, what type of look do you look for in prospective models, and what trends in terms of models do you see coming up?

Dana Randall:I like all looks. When I pick the right styles for each body shape, every woman looks great!”
Robert D. Cobb: What tips and tricks do you recommend for looking good this summer?

Dana Randall:A tan always looks good with swimwear. I recommend getting Naked Tan at the beauty parlor… you can shower after 2 hours and it’s a nice shade of brown not orange!”

Photo: Glen Krohn | IG: @glenKrohn

Robert D. Cobb: Styles and trends in the States and Australia differ, what is in style down there, as opposed to what is hot up here? 

Dana Randall:There is a similar trend of g-string bottoms lately and minimalistic bikinis. In the US, there is a bit more bling in some bikini lines and more variations in cuts, while in Australia simplistic is more common lately.”
Robert D. Cobb: What is the best beach to go to in the hotter months down in OZ?

Dana Randall:Oh that’s a tough one! We have many amazing ones and I can’t tell you all my secrets ha-ha. Ok I’ll let you in on two. Bronte in the eastern suburbs and Palm Beach in the northern beaches, both in Sydney are two of the nicest.”

Robert D. Cobb: Best beach for tourists?

Dana Randall:Most love Manly Beach, Bondi and Coogee”
Robert D. Cobb: Best city to look good, and be seen in looking glamorous?

Dana Randall:Sydney, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast if you mean just in Aus (Australia) and swimwear related.”


Photo: Glen Krohn | IG: @glenKrohn

Robert D. Cobb: Go-to look and accessory to rock this summer?

Dana Randall: “A smile, confidence in who you are, flattering swimwear of course, mini skirts and wedges during the day and body hugging dresses and heels on a night out!”

Special thanks to Ms. Dana Randall for her time and assistance during the Q and A interview process and Sydney-based model and journalist Katarzyna Aurora Sprengel for aiding with the interview questions. Images used with permission and are the rightful property of their owners.

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