Expert traders spend many years in trading and investment, but only a few succeed and become financially free. Surviving the competitive yet risky stocks, cryptocurrency, and options markets is a real challenge for anyone. Investor and Marine Officer Manuel Santiago conquered all three markets through clever strategies and quick-decision making skills. He went from having zero knowledge about the trading market to becoming the top investor through hard work and dedication.

Life is all about trying out new things and learning from failures to become successful in life. Manuel began his career at the age of 20 when he enlisted in the Marine Corps. He was passionate about serving his country and got the opportunity to travel to many countries in his youth. When he turned 29 years old, Manuel was deployed to Afghanistan, where he met a senior military officer that helped change his perspective and direction for his future.

The journey of a veteran officer becoming a trader might be something new, but Manuel broke the stereotype that a blue-collared everyday person could not become financially free. He worked hard day and night to learn and try out strategies that could earn him profit. After many trials and tribulations, Manuel succeeded as an investor.

After gaining much experience, Manuel decided to help others achieve their dream of financial freedom through trading investment. He launched his own consulting firm called Manuelsofficial Consulting. Expert trader Manuel offers training seminars and private courses that you can sign up for through his firm. With the most affordable rates for a detailed trading course, one is bound to succeed in the trading market.

As the owner of Manuelsofficial Consulting, Manuel faced many entrepreneurial challenges in his quest to expand his business on an international level. But he was able to overcome these challenges due to his rich financial education.

By managing his career as a trader and his duty as a Marine Officer, Manuel is an ideal person everyone strives to be in life. Recently, he announced a 4 week mentorship program that starts on April 3rd 2022, where he will talk about charting and investing fundamentals and other aspects of the trading industry; to enrich attendees’ knowledge and give them the confidence to apply his personal strategies for their own investment.

New and veteran traders especially buy Manuel’s private options courses to learn about trading. Manuel is positive that people can skip the mistakes he made during his ‘learning curve’ and quickly earn profit through his mentorship and consulting services.

Manuel is also a content creator and influencer on social media. On his YouTube Channel, Manuel official trading and investing, he gives detailed technical analysis on stocks, options, and cryptocurrency. His Instagram is quite popular among the trading community for providing the latest updates and his truthful opinions on market trends.

Manuel has helped more than 50 people to become financially free. Join Manuel’s official consulting’s private options course today to make your dreams come true!



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