It depends a lot on where you work! Yes, if you work in a conservative office, company, or public agency, wearing yoga pants or leggings to go to work is out of the way; however, many women are practitioners of Yoga or do not choose to wear them anywhere and think that all is well. Will be? Education in every sense comes from the home, from good schools and also from examples of people with whom you live. It is true that Yoga pants have had great success, nowadays, selling even more than jeans.


Yes, they look beautiful when the woman uses them, bringing a good aesthetic and modeling to the body; are elastic, adherent and those of excellent quality made of good material do not rip at all. Stamped with interesting or even basic images, the most common of which are black, most yoga pants or leggings are made there in Asia, where unfortunately little is paid for labor; but, they usually present good quality products for consumption, which has been a big business for sales, currently.


However, the point is to know where and when to use them properly without appearing a fish out of water. If you are a Yoga or Pilates teacher or you work in a gym, also as a teacher, you are very much in common sense if you wear yoga or leggings, and the same for the practicing students.

If you own your own business, no matter which branch or stands alone, note. Being the owner of your own business where you send and give the orders your subordinates can follow your example and also use the pants for practicing Yoga, day to day.


Is your beauty salon your business or do you work in another branch that involves beauty and aesthetics? It will be absolutely inside the dress code if you wear the pants that are selling well. But if your business is more conservative and has a discreet audience, wearing those work pants may be inappropriate, which could misrepresent your customers’ credibility and confidence, as if you were there to have fun or ready to go. go to Yoga class or to the gym. In this case, the basic, classic and formal yet discrete is the hit.


It does not fit well with someone who holds a conservative, leading and prominent position in society to wear these pants to go to work, whether in a large company or another important job. To go to the club, to the ballad with the class and even to go shopping, visit a friend and definitely practice Yoga, wearing the pants for Yoga and leggings may be appropriate. Sheer pants might be suitable and you can buy sheer yoga pants online with ease.


With the exception of some good Yoga pants that are not so glued to the body and resemble normal pants, such as can be used to go to work, it does not mean that everything the industry preaches and sells or because most wear, adopt and make is correct and must be followed. So, in front of these pants for practicing Yoga, leggings and the like, ask yourself: To the environment where I go these clothes is adequate?

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