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When the time comes for the replacement of the roof, the first thing that comes to your mind is the type of material to be used for the roofing system. Beforehand the final decision, you look for the advantages and disadvantages of the material you are considering for your house roof. There are benefits as well as drawbacks of every material used in the roofing.

For epochs, clay tiles have been a priority for the roofs of homes as well as workplaces along with both advantages and disadvantages. Clay tiles are long-lasting and have an eye-catching appearance, but they are costly as well as heavy. Such benefits and drawbacks make it difficult for you to decide whether you should opt for clay roofing tiles or not. Following the advantages and disadvantages of the clay roofing tiles will help you make a final decision easily.

Advantages of clay roofing tiles

Out of many other roofing materials, clay roofing tiles have much more advantages than others. Following are potential advantages that one can presume.

  • Stability

The stability of the clay roofing tiles is long-lasting that may last for years together if remain intact and carefully treated. It is known that clay roofing tiles can withstand almost all seasons without much harm, but it all depends on the area and the location of your home. They can remain intact in high-speed winds as well as small-sized hailstones during storms. Due to all these reasons, they help increase the resale value of your home.

  • Eco-friendly

From an environmental point of view, clay tiles are the best choice having green roofing option. Once they are removed, can be recycled easily as they are having no chemicals and are solely made up of earthy minerals. They also have properties related to energy like sun reflection and heat emitting is going hand in hand to keep the temperature of your home favorable in the summer season. The weighty tiles act as an insulator so helps in keeping your home warm during cold winter.

  • Curb appeal

A huge variety of colors and styles are available for the clay roofing tiles in the market. They are known to be used to enhance the street appeal of your home or the commercial business.

Disadvantages of clay roofing tiles

They are sturdy and long-lasting but not flawless. Following are the potential disadvantages of the clay roofing tile you may have to face in long run.

  • Costly

The charming and attractive clay roofing tiles are quite expensive. They are twofold costly than the asphalt roofing shingles. They are weighty as well as difficult to install that’s why they cost you more than the other roofing materials.

  • Fragile

Undoubtedly, these tiles are durable and can withstand most of the seasons, but they are found to be as fragile as they are stable. If not in large number but a few of the tiles will break if a tree limb falls on the roof during harsh weather. The walking pressure can also cause cracks and breakage of the tiles.

  • Difficult installation

For the installation of the clay roof tiling, you have to hire the best roofing contractor to ensure that the installation is done according to the guidelines. The clay roofing tiles take a long time and challenging method of installation to produce the best output, they should be measured properly, placed in an intricate pattern, and make sure that there is no trapping of moisture possible in between the gaps. The roof of your home must be tough enough to bear the weight of the clay tiles for the long term.

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