A perfect timepiece would make your style astonishing. To most gentlemen, it offers a good vantage point in looking classy. One glance at your wrist could take you many steps up the social ladder. This is one of the primary reasons why a gentleman would choose to invest in a perfect timepiece. What is style without elegance?

There are various luxury watches available in the global market. Hence, one must thoroughly look for something that would fit his style. However, some have already made their name on top for more than a century! One example is the Portofino, renowned for the enduring elegance of their timepieces.

Match Your Class With Elegance

The introduction of IWC Portofino began in 1984, known for being among the few luxurious watches that equate beauty’s true meaning. Since its production, it has made men look fascinating and exquisite. Nothing matches a luxury timepiece that offers a sophisticated yet straightforward look like what IWC Portofino offers.

It is not a doubt why watch collectors still want to collect this perfect timepiece. The IWC Portofino 5251 was the most loved of all the collection items during that period. It comes with a blended element of an oversized case with a comparatively slim profile. It also has a moon phase situated at its three o’clock.

Last 2018, they celebrated their 150th anniversary and released new designs. These new IWC Portofino watches were made of classic stainless steel and have the calibre 35111, making them more comfortable to wear. They also have a diameter of 40mm, and are resistant to water up to 3 bar! They also inscribed it with “150 Year” as a design, plus it’s limited edition!

The IWC Aquatimer

Sea divers initially inspired this collection. It comes with a vast dial that makes the watch appear larger. This affordable watch would surely make you want to have it part of your collection since you can still use it even in your daily casual attire. Although this watch was made perfectly for divers, the look would always impress anyone who would throw a glance.

IWC has always been associated with dive watches. They have become successful in dealing with dive watches since 1967. Since there is high pressure under the sea, the water level and the cold temperature would call for a timepiece that has accurate timekeeping given the conditions and thus would add to a diver’s safety.

In 2017, they released a new Aquatimer collection that has even more outstanding features. They have added the coat finish called ceratitanium, an unbreakable material, hard and resistant to scratch. With this, a diver who loves to collect from luxurious brands would surely want this in his collection!

The Jubilee Collection

2018 marked the 150th anniversary of the International Watch Company or IWC. They have released new features among their watches. It incorporated the evergreen design code to make a more elegant collection of wristwatches. Some of the collections that inspired the Jubilee Collection are Portofino, Pilot, and Da Vinci.

These collections are a manifestation of the meticulous hard work, dedication, and passion of IWC in watchmaking. One will not just buy any luxurious watch. You will also purchase the ideas these makers have put into the creation of their collection. Hence, you are purchasing the pieces that embody the makers’ creativity, along with their undying passion!

The Portugieser Collection

IWC still placed a top-notch position in global watch manufacturing. IWC never stops developing and enriching the watchmaking culture. One of its timepiece collections that struck most collectors is the Portugieser collection — by far one of the most prominent and deeply-rooted collections they ever had!

Originally, the Portugieser was made in the 1930s, but the model watches keep evolving, making each of them one of a kind and remarkable. They have 74-caliber bar movement and are encased in a 43mm case. Einstein himself wore this model, and as a result, this line gained popularity in the global market!


International Watch Company would continue to preserve its name in generating luxurious watches in the years to come. You can choose from various models they offer from their website. They have been in the watchmaking industry for 150 years. It is an obvious manifestation of the quality and elegance that they provide in every timepiece they create.

A gentleman would know which timepiece would fit in for his style. But a classy gentleman would prefer a classic brand with a name that is on top-notch! Your wristwatch would give you the class and sophistication you are looking for! IWC would undoubtedly give these to you, along with their excellent craftsmanship in watchmaking since time immemorial!



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