Growing up as a child, James Vitas always intuitively knew that music was his calling. Some of his best childhood memories include listening to the music of his family and friends dancing around the home. James Vitas feels that he wasn’t looking for music, it was what found him. When he was a kid, James Vitas was consistently creating his own lyrics for the most popular instrumentals of the time. These early experiences have contributed to James Vitas molding himself into one of the best lyrics writers in the industry. James Vitas creates music that is authentic, inspiring, and genuine.theththththththth

Presently, James Vitas is an independent musician. He is proud to create music that is flexible, allowing all listeners to appreciate it. James Vitas is extremely hands-on when it comes to creating. He writes and produces each song that comes out. In the past, James Vitas dropped his latest album “Please Keep Your Distance From Me”. In this album, James Vitas gives his fans an insider’s view of his personal life. He lets his emotions out like never prior to deepening his relationship with his fans.

In the near future, James Vitas has a vast collection of music that he’s waiting to make available to his followers. James Vitas has hit the stage in his career at which it is clear that he has found his voice and is making timeless music that will be enjoyed by future generations. James Vitas is finalizing his album in the present. The album will include 12 songs that are accompanied by beats that are melodic. When James Vitas finishes up his album, don’t forget to listen to “Please Keep Your Distance From Me” on Spotify.

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