There is a dire need for global thought leaders and successful enterprises to be involved in creating a better future for the planet. Truth be told, we have exploited it in the worst possible manners, and today our resources are depleting, social issues are at all times high, and poverty has flooded the world in all its shapes.

Various key players are involved in creating a better world for tomorrow with their unique ideology. Jonathan Tjoa Algreen is a multipotentialite entrepreneur who aims to revolutionize the world of business by merging it with the NGO world. He initiated his company, 1 People, a sustainable fashion brand centered on his values of ethical and transparency.

Jonathan is also an impact investor who owns Impact Business Investment Group, which entirely focuses on funding startups that have a people and planet-centric approach. His two decades of experience in creating and building successful businesses has allowed him to contribute to various other companies like Nordic Impact Bridge, Valified, DoLand, LOVENATURE Superfoods, and Wennick–Lefèvre as an investor, strategist, and business developer.

Achieving the best of both the worlds through business

Most businesses are centered around profits and increasing gains without giving much importance to quality and the kind of effects left on the planet. They are expected to make money and a lot of it. On the other hand, NGOs are formed and funded to take part in making an impact.

Jonathan believes that merging the two is the way to go forward. “I believe the future will be driven by these objectives, so my vision for, and what I work for days to change, is that the future of business becomes a hybrid between a traditional business and a traditional NGO. None of those two are sustainable. The traditional business is not because it’s not people and planet centric, and an NGO is not because it’s not financially sustainable since it relies on charity from others. So both business models whether it’s a traditional business or traditional NGO are not sustainable long term.”

The welfare of the community is the top priority, and that is why he is actively involved in promoting impact-driven businesses rather than focusing alone on profit-driven businesses. Jonathan seeks to revolutionize business trends by addressing social issues while also serving people with high-end, sustainable products.

He further explains that having this approach is very demanding but quite fulfilling. It gives you a much larger responsibility, as you are running a business in a good, responsible manner keeping not just profits in consideration, but also the people involved and the planet.

Check out the social media platform of Jonathan Tjoa Algreen here and see how he is soaring high as a global thought leader with his commendable business ideology.


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