Dr. Suyog Mainali and his team of Katmandu Clinic of Cosmetic surgery is providing world class skin and laser treatment to the Nepalese people at a very satisfaction able rate in Kathmandu. This is the best Cosmetic surgery clinic in Nepal.


What They Do


If you are looking for an experienced and talented plastic surgeon with a deep understanding of a variety of procedures and techniques, KCCS is a natural choice. KCCS 20 years of experience and excellent professional record with over 30,000 patients make then a premier clinic in the region for plastic surgery, liposuction, skin care procedures, augmentation and more.  Their staff is highly trained, professional, and passionate about cosmetic surgery. They feel privileged to help patients achieve their goals and gain renewed self confidence.


You can also directly consult with doctors.  If you are ready to make a positive change in your self-image through plastic surgery, liposuction or other techniques, the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, KCCS is your resource for safe, discreet procedures and the highest level of care.  KCCS is the most exclusive beauty skin care cosmetics line in the industry with the greatest range of skin products, shades and formulas.


KCCS offers clientele a functional and personalized skincare regime. On the KCCS website, clients can build their own skincare care regimen based on their concerns. Clients can feel confident knowing KCCS only incorporates key beneficial ingredients into each and every product. KCCS provides better options for women and men of all ages, more so than any other company including Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Christian Dior, MAC, Yves Saint Laurent and Lancôme. KCCS utilizes the latest technology in manufacturing his products and strenuously tests his ingredients to make sure they are of the utmost quality. KCCS Cosmetics strives to be the leading manufacturer in the industry.


Their Primary area of focus is Hair Transplant and laser treatments. KCCS’s cosmetic surgery treatment is famous all over Nepal.


What woman in this day and age wants to look ‘mature’? Not anyone I know. We pride ourselves in our life experiences and strengths but our age shouldn’t have to show on our skin. We don’t need to be told we look tired after a nights’ rest. We don’t need to steer clear of mirrors in case we catch a glimpse of our skin and don’t like what we see.  It is the largest organ in our body and unfortunately, this one, is external so we need to care for it as much as we do the rest of our body.


Sure, good diet and exercise is important but what about protecting from the outside as well? Environmental aggressors are everywhere, even in your own home, so protect your skin and care for it because it is the first thing people see. KCCS’s Anti-Wrinkle Cream, along with all of his other Skincare Products, is made not only for protection, but affordability without compromise. Treat yourself to beautiful skin, you deserve it.


Services that KCCS offers


Hair Transplant


Hair transplantation is a process through which the hair follicles or ‘grafts’ (nature’s building blocks for hairs) are far away from the rear and sides of the pinnacle.


They remove the grafts from genetically encoded areas of the scalp that’s immune to hair loss. This process provides the sole permanent and guaranteed method for replacing hair. Hair transplants are equally successful for both men and ladies full of genetic or patterned hair loss.


The procedure is finished under local twilight anesthetic with state of the art administration using the tiniest gauge needle available. Slow injection and massage for distraction is completed to form patients feel relaxed and almost pain free.


When addressing hair loss, in some cases, individuals may choose hair transplant surgery. A hair transplant basically means to require hair from one area of the pinnacle with hair and root it into another area of the pinnacle without hair.


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Laser Hair Removal


KCCS is the premier laser serving in Kathmandu City located in Kathmandu, Nepal. The team is trained and authorized to administer laser services.


Laser Tattoo Removal


A tattoo, then you may be thinking of having it removed. Since tattoo are said to be permanent, you cannot just get rid of it by yourself. The removal methods just to remove that ink from your skin. However, the most modern advancement in removing tattoo is through Laser. Laser tattoo removal has been popular because of its advantages although it may cost more compared to other tattoo removal methods.


The powerful rays of light emitted from laser break through the second layer of our skin (dermis)..


Since lasers uses light to breakdown the ink on a tattooed area, the result may vary depending on the color used on the tattoo.


Cosmetic Surgery


Are you considering breast enlargement in Hammersmith, or any of an extensive range of cosmetic treatments? The highly experienced team at The KCCS Clinic can help you today. Kathmandu Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery use the very latest techniques in the field for both surgical and non surgical procedures, coupled with a wealth of top level experience, for your complete peace of mind.


The KCCS Clinic provides the perfect source for expert impartial help, discussing your options with you in great depth. Our experienced team specialized in a wide range of procedures




For those who want to lose weight quickly, without harm to their own health, which is quite acceptable with a slight excess weight. More: The technique will allow you to get rid of the eternal problem of weight return when weight is reduced by 5-6 kilograms, and will soon return again.


Acne Scars Removal


Natural scar emotions of acne scars and other damaged scar tissue may be done with a minimal of effort. This subject rates highly to a lot of people, but not some humans in truth comprehend it. A tremendous amount of humans have been exposed to it but they don’t actually know very much regarding scar removal except to say they believe it may be done. Still others that listen with regards to it just file the data away into the recesses of their minds and go on to items that are more pressing, more current, and more priceless to them. Those who listen with regards to it ordinarily just proceed onward and go on when it comes to their each and every day business.

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