Despite news of new COVID-19 variants, restrictions are still being eased gradually, just enough so people can return to work, and so that the economy can begin to recover. One thing that hasn’t changed since the onset of the pandemic is that schools have yet to resume classroom learning. In fact, the vast majority of schools still use online learning programs, which is unfortunate when kids are naturally physically active.

While it may seem comfortable to study from home, the real challenge is on how to keep your kids from adopting a sedentary lifestyle. Staying cooped up at home may be detrimental to their physical and mental health in the long run. Even when your kids are stuck at home, there are effective ways to help them stay active.


Build On Their Interests

Your children’s hobbies will help you determine which activities they are more likely to participate in. If your kids already like a particular sport, build on that interest by providing them with the means to practice that sport. Parents can even introduce a similar sport to their kids.

Leave Sports Equipment in View

Parents normally prefer to have tidy homes, but since we want to encourage our kids to stay active, leaving sports equipment in view will also show them that we support their interests. If your kids don’t have a favorite sport, this can also be a good opportunity to let them find one that they like.

Low-intensity indoor sports such as table tennis are a great way to start. Just be sure that you take the time to read ping pong table reviews before making a purchase.


Lead By Example

For better or worse, children tend to imitate the behaviors that parents exhibit. When children see that their parents lead a healthy lifestyle, there’s a high chance that they are going to follow suit. It’s important that you show that you genuinely enjoy being active and healthy, otherwise, it may discourage your children if they see that you’re miserable from exercising.


Make Exercise Fun

If you want to truly get your kids to adopt an active lifestyle, you first need to present these activities in a manner where you put a big focus on the fun element. Never force your kids into an active lifestyle as this will only cause them to be more aversive toward these activities. A good way to make exercise fun is to turn it into quality time with your kids and to gamify physical activity.


Establish a Routine

Once you’ve managed to get your kids onboard, it’s important to establish an exercise routine to solidify these activities into habits. A regular exercise routine will also help put order in your lives, and it will serve as a way for your bodies to prepare for the day ahead or as an indicator for when it’s time to wind down. Establishing a routine will also help children adjust to adult life better wherein routines are even more important.



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