Kevin Bahr is a multi-talented German entrepreneur and reality TV member. He was born in Achern on April 2, 1991, lived in Baden-Württemberg in Germany, and visited the University in Offenburg. After finishing his IT education in 2019, he operated for the Eurocorps in Strasbourg in France. In June 2018, he was a contestant at the second season of Deutsche Unternehmer on the German TV show.

He has also owned a series of guest presentations in several television programs like Step by Step. With his latest business, he emerged his ceramic cover for vehicles in 2020. Sunrise News designated him in the list “10 Entrepreneurs who are changing the world right now,” which is quite impressive. So we decided to introduce Kevin Behr to share his view on the most efficient way brands can collaborate with businesses with every action.

Social Media Popularity

Kevin Behr also has a YouTube channel getting a huge reputation where he speaks about his company’s plans and exclusive clients. This growing entrepreneur is also gaining popularity on Instagram, having 10k followers. 

His YouTube channel is “CKVXN,” and you can visit and subscribe to his channel to understand more about the person behind the entire idea of CKVXN. His YouTube, quickly after it originated, became an on-the-spot achievement in Germany and the USA. You can visit Kevin Behr’s YouTube subscribers and his Instagram fan followers list, and you will notice how famous this gentleman is. 

Behr’s Vehicle Finishing Company

  • This multi-talented entrepreneur is the supervising director of his business called VENALO, a Vehicle finishing organization near Baden-Baden. Kevin Behr concentrates on the professional construction and listing of vehicles. 
  • He always emerges his ceramic sealer, indicating fluid glass sealant, in collaboration with some committed chemists. The organization generates ceramic sealers transparently and color unbiased ceramic sealers with almost all kinds of vehicles.
  • All acknowledgments to the strong exterior bond that provides the seal to give excellent versatility and strength. Because of the completed mono collected, the vehicle color gets a glorious deep shine and increases the conventional vehicle sparkle massively. 
  • Furthermore, an original covering was designed for matt paints, which can be used for matt vehicles without enhancing the shine level. 
  • The seal can be roasted onto the vehicle paint utilizing an infrared warmer, which allows a significantly higher hardness level to be performed.
  • Because of the material’s high density, not only the best colors of paint are closed, but lopsidedness is also supplied. Kevin Behr’s seal allows ridiculous blocking barriers against powerful artificial substances or cleansing brokers. The absorptive method additionally ensures insurance toward UV rays and many acids or environmental influences.
  • Because of the covid-19 epidemic, Kevin Behr had to cancel a few tours linked to his business. But he is taking responsibility for the innovations and involved in conference calls with various customers. 
  • His innovative concept is in immense demand, but glancing at the present challenging situations, the entrepreneur has delayed and finished some plans and collaborations.

Final Views

After summarizing and calculating our findings, it is concluded that Kevin Behr is really a famous and multi-talented entrepreneur, and he owns the Vehicle finishing company named VENALO. You can easily visit and get amazing facts about Kevin Bahr on his YouTube channel and Instagram account. We believe that Kevin Bahr has become one of the successful people on earth. Don’t forget to subscribe to his YouTube channel and follow him on Instagram.

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