Today, people are doing multiple tasks and achieving a place in high rank. All this is because of their hard work in their life. People saw the dream and came true, but this is not as easy as we can say it easily. Everyone has to work hard several times, and then they find out their place where they can fulfill their dreams. Life is so busy and unfair these days, but you can make more beautiful and get charms from it by using your mind in the right way. Ways come out when you start moving towards your goal, and this is the reason for success.

While moving on, many steps came in life where you didn’t get success and lose hope, but you have to search in yourself. To carry out more talents in you. An artist, a writer KIDHANMA, struggles hard in their life to make their name in society. Let look at his journey and achievements.

Armin Mokhtarinejad:

A person who is blessed with more than one talent and giving motivations to other people. A writer whose auther name is “KIDHANMA.” Everyone knows him with his author name, but actually, his real name is “Armin Mokhtarinejad.” He was born on December 24, 1993. He is from Iran, but his parents have moved to Germany earlier. They moved to Germany because they have to raise their children in the right environment. They want to give them a bright future at all.

Beginning of the journey:

Armin Mokhtarinejad is a talented boy. At a young age, he gains too much love and attraction from people. At school age, he used to do different things instead of studies. He used to do art, making music, telling stories, and many more things. He has a creative side that is developed when they moved from Iran to Germany.

He started doing art as a profession, but he was not so good in martial art. He can draw things of his interest but not so good. Later on, he moved to another field, and his parents always support him. He started a youtube channel. He used to upload videos on it of his photography. Later on, he was also fed up with this. Then he decided to write a book. He wants to explore his writing passion. And this becomes his life a very good decision.

Published Book:

As if we think that “If you could be an animal, what animal would you be.” your answer such be A Lion or A Tiger. But here, the point of view of Armin Mokhtarinejad is different. He wants to be a unicorn animal.

Armin Mokhtarinejad writes a book named “How to be a unicorn in modern-day society.” With time, this book becomes a bestseller on Amazon. A book is a source of success in his life. He has 10 k followers on Instagram because of his book, which consists of 11 concepts. He is doing more work on his project.


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