Best Kitchen Storage Ideas

Sick of all that clutter on the counter and in the cabinets? Check out these clever kitchen storage ideas and take back your kitchen!

Every year ushers in a new set of kitchen trends. From interior design to smart appliances, there’s something to satisfy every taste, preference, and budget. When it comes to storage, there are trends you can’t miss out on and others that remain tried and true.

The following are nine kitchen storage ideas that you can’t skip.

1. Functional False Drawers

Some individuals use their kitchen far more than others. Nonetheless, keeping the room organized is a must. Organization prevents cross-contamination between your cleaning supplies and food. Plus, it ensures that you don’t waste food. It’s never fun tossing out food items because they expired before you realized it.

Those false drawers around your kitchen are there for decorative purposes. Now you can extend their purpose and make them functional if you own a couple of tools and enjoy DIY projects.

Pop the false portion out of its place and lean it toward you. Add hinges to the sides. Once you’ve secured it, the drawer opens as far as the hinges allow. 

On the inside, you can now add a metal plate for the storage of cleaning supplies, such as sponges, brushes, and towels. 

2. Pull Out Organizers

Cabinets and drawers have been great for storage over the last several decades. But they’re not always convenient. So, a kitchen storage trend you can’t miss out on is pull-out organizers.

Everyone has knelt, hunched over, and gone into their ground-level kitchen cabinet to find a pot, pan, or lid. 

You do it because it has been the best solution at your disposal. But surely, there must be a better way! Never fear, because now there’s the pull-out organizer. 

Pull-out organizers live in the spaces between sets of drawers and cabinets. They’re an addition, so there’s no more wasted space. 

Since the drawers pull out vertically, it’s easy to store, find, and grab the items you need. 

While this is an excellent organizational tool, it’s not the cheapest solution here. If you’re not ready to replace your current cabinets, you’ll need an estimate to modify them, which could require a small investment.  

3. Labeled Containers

Several kitchen enthusiasts are fans of containers, such as mason jars. Adopting a kitchen container storage system is an idea you can’t miss out on.

Containers provide easy access to your ingredients and meals. They also keep food fresh.

Cereal, flour, and spices are three items often stored in containers. The containers optimize storage because they’re the same size. On the other hand, containers like cereal boxes come in several shapes and sizes, and they don’t keep the contents crunchy.

A container storage system requires dedication. The containers will quickly turn into extra items that require dusting and cleaning.

4. Get Creative with Shelves

Technology disrupted the business world; it also disrupted the housewares department. Shelves are no longer just shelves. They’re available in floating, hanging, and shelf under-shelf types.

Open shelves are another type gaining popularity. 

The point of organizing anything is that it offers easy access to the items. It’s not fun reaching for something in the back of a shelf and knocking everything before it over. Enter the open shelf concept, which focuses on shallower shelves to prevent items from getting lost. .

Shelves are great for kitchens with little to no cabinets because you need space to make them work.

5. Drawer Organizers

Drawer organizers are a kitchen storage idea that doesn’t go out of style.

A dedicated spice drawer or the drawer where you keep the cutlery requires order. 

Additionally, drawer organizers allow you to group items. 

Storage ideas for your kitchen revolve around easy access, easy cleanup, and optimizing the space. If you enjoy picking up cutlery for every special occasion, you can, but you need to find a space to store them.

6. Think Vertical

Stacking things on top of each other is easy the first time; it doesn’t seem like such a great idea when you have to restack them a few pieces at a time.

Stacking kitchen items vertically has caught on as a storage idea you can’t miss out on.

Instead of storing container lids flat, stack them vertically. It’s much easier to find them, and you won’t spend extra time unstacking and restacking the lids.

Going vertical goes beyond stacking lids. Coffee maker towers, over-the-door racks, and shelves designed for the cabinets can help you optimize your kitchen spaces. 

Before you start going vertical, consider the layout of your kitchen surfaces. It would probably help if you also reorganized your drawers to make space.

7. Go Under the Sink

An open space lives under the sink, and that’s where several people keep their kitchen cleaning supplies. The sink drain and plumbing are visible, so most people don’t go out of their way to make the area pretty.

Adding drawers goes a long way in organizing the space and making it pretty without a significant investment. 

Over-the-door racks come in handy under the sink. Then couple the racks with pull-out drawers. You’ll always know how many sponges, brushes, and towels you still have on hand. It’s a good idea to know how much dish soap, surface cleaner, and window spray you will have on hand too.

Keep in mind that if there’s ever a drain clog or leak, the area must remain accessible, and anything down there may get soaked. 

8. Magnetic Knife Holder

Another kitchen storage trend that’s catching on and you can’t miss out on is the magnetic knife holder.

If you attach it to a wall that allows you easy access to the blades, you’ve instantly saved counter space. The magnetic holder doesn’t limit you to storing knives on it, either; anything else that sticks is fair game too.

When you hang stuff instead of storing them on your kitchen surfaces, you have more space to chop, cook, and cool.

Remember to place the holders out of reach of children in the home but low enough that you can easily access the items.

9. Start Hanging

Anything that can be hung should be hung. This storage idea also allows you to keep your kitchen surfaces clear of clutter. It helps you keep the counters clean, too, so you’re less likely to attract critters searching for food.

More and more, people are making the change and hanging their mugs, cutting boards, pots, and pans. In a way, this kitchen storage idea lets you create art in your kitchen with your cooking tools, accessories, and utensils.

Be mindful of placement, though. If you hang items over the stove, it’s a fire hazard because they’re accumulating grease. Plus, you don’t want to accidentally burn yourself over an open flame as you reach for a mug.


And those are nine storage ideas that you can’t miss out on. The beauty of these ideas is that there are sub-categories within each. For example, shelves are standard in all kitchens. In 2021, there are several shelf options and sub-categories for every budget, preference, and kitchen size. You can pick an open, tower, or stacking shelf made from wire, plastic, or metal.

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