There are so many types of the Furnace that it is difficult to choose a logo right away. Electric or gas Furnace? Countertop or built-in? Our specialty here at the Shorty’s Plumbing & Heating Services is to make all of this uncomplicated. We are professional furnace repair from skilled Winnipeg technicians. Understand the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of each type and how to choose the ideal Furnace for your need.

Electric or gas Furnace?

This is an extremely important choice because each type of operation has different advantages. And since the Furnace has to make your life easier, you should choose the one that best fits your routine.

Gas Furnace

Gas-fired Furnaces bring the whole tradition of traditional kitchens, and many people say that they give a different taste to the food, which is more refined. They depend on the use of cylinders or access to a natural gas network.

Important: choose your Furnace carefully. Usually, it is configured to be used for cylinders or for natural gas. If you buy canisters, for example, you will need to adapt with a professional to use them with natural gas.


    • heats up faster;
    • it usually has affordable prices (perhaps due to the smaller resources \ dominance over the roast) compared to electric models of the same capacity;
    • independent of electrical energy, so it is possible to prepare food even in the event of a power outage;
    • for those who live in a building and have central gas already included in the condominium, the gas Furnace may be more advantageous than the electric one.


    • it can have functions such as timer and preparation schedules, but it does not usually have very different features (this happens due to the disadvantage below);
    • for using flames and not resistances, it has less precision and heat control;
    • it heats more in the lower grids than in the upper ones;
    • in the case of using cylinders, the power supply needs regular maintenance and replacement;
    • it is usually available in larger sizes \ capacities.

Electric Furnace

    • This is the type of Furnace that uses electrical energy to prepare food. It normally has two resistances (lower and upper) that guarantee the distribution of heat. Totally independent of gas, needing only a nearby outlet. It usually has a more modern look and technological resources.


    • no need for gas, which frees up space in compact kitchens;
    • usually has several technological resources for the preparation of the dishes;
    • greater control over temperature and heat distribution;
    • it takes longer to cool, which guarantees heated food for a while, even after preparation;
    • found easily in several sizes: from the smallest to the largest.


    • how it uses electricity, in the event of a power outage it will not work;
    • consider, on average, one more shower on the energy bill.


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