Who wants to live the day drained and feeling unapproachable? Nobody.

Unfortunately, for some of us, that is our everyday lives. But it is about to change. Yes, you need to look sexy to feel sexy, but you can also feel attractive by raising positive vibrations within yourself. Sounds complex, but in reality, all it takes is a change in lifestyle.

So, are you ready for this? Follow these techniques below to radiate a sexy vibe all day long wherever you go.

1. Lift Up Your Self-Confidence

Easy to say, but a bit difficult to achieve. Lack of self-confidence is the reason why so many people feel unattractive and unmotivated in life.

It is not only about how you look, but also about your abilities in general. When you do well in a test, it automatically boosts your self-confidence. On the other hand, a rejection from a crush can jeopardize your self-esteem.

Instead of carrying the sense of low self-esteem with you all the time, do something that can instantly uplift your mood, and thereby your self-esteem.

Do something that you know will always give out a positive result. For example, if you are good at poker, and you know you will always win, play it as often as possible.

It will keep your self-confidence at the peak level all the time.

2. Groom Yourself

In today’s society, physical attraction is one of the most sought after quality. A person doesn’t necessarily have to be good looking to be considered attractive. Attraction is more like an inner ability to impress others.

However, if you are wearing torn clothes you bought five years ago, or if you have forgotten to take a shower since last week – what kind of vibe do you think are you sending to others?

When you look good and smell good, people will automatically be attracted to you. So, you must invest some of your time in grooming every day.

3. Interact with Other People

Whether at work, at school, or just at the supermarket – mingle with people. Greet them nicely, ask them about their day, flirt if you like them.

The more you interact with people, the more you build your self-confidence. When you realize that people enjoy your company, you will feel so good.

Besides, people may surprise you. They may even ask you out on a date!

If you want to keep things platonic, you will still feel a sense of belonging with the people you vibed with. And when you feel belonged, you will feel like you are needed and important.

That is an instant boost in confidence.

4. Wear Clothes in Style

To feel sexy and attractive, you must be up-to-date with the current trends. Even if you’re following trends from the last decade, it is still okay, as long as you look good.

Style is not about what is selling the most in the market right now. It is a reflection of your true essence.

Faveable.com recommends wearing clothes that bring out your curves – such as push-up bra, bodycon dress, high waist jeans, etc. As for men, well-fitted jeans, shirts that hug the body, etc.

It is better for you to not follow the crowd here. Instead, find out what is your true style. Learn more about yourself, what you’re comfortable in, and what you like. Your clothes should reflect who you are inside.

5. Be Ambitious

Someone who is desperate for attention and always seeking for a partner does not give out a good vibe. In fact, they appear needy and lacking true power.

In order for you to feel and be sexy at all times, you must have ambitions. Your ambitions are the goals you want to achieve in your life. They can be small or big, but what matters is that they are your dreams.

Other people will be drawn to your ambitious qualities because it is just so attractive. After all, we could all use some ambitious drive in our lives.

6. Maintain Hygiene

Now, hygiene is not as fancy as grooming. Hygiene is a basic standard of living.

Not even you will be attracted to someone who is unhygienic. Do you seriously want to shake hands with a person who just got out of the toilet?

If you want people to enjoy your company and feel hygienically safe around you, you have to be clean yourself. That means, brush your teeth three times a day, take a proper bath with soap before you go out, and wear freshly laundered clothes.

7. Take Classes on Sensuality

In our robotic existence, we need to make time to feel human emotions. Although you can get any information you want from the internet, getting in touch with your true emotions requires some work.

You can look up online to find trainers who are knowledgeable about sensuality and take their classes. For instance, you can take classes on Reiki, dancing, yoga, Kama Sutra, etc to get in touch with your inner sensuality.

True sexuality can only emerge from within you devoid of cultural and existential contamination. Once you’ve found out your true essence, nothing can stop you from feeling sexy all day long!

8. Eat Healthy and Workout

Finally, nothing beats a good diet and a solid workout plan. And you must commit to it at all times.

Learn about nutrition and supply your body with all that it needs to look and feel good. A balanced diet containing lots of vegetables, fruits, protein, and some dairy and carbs will transform your body forever.

Hit the gym at least four days a week to tone up saggy muscles and build your glutes. By the way, don’t waste this opportunity to meet people at the gym.

In Conclusion

No matter what happened in your life to diminish your self-confidence, there are always ways to bring it back. You definitely have to change your outlook in life if you want to rebuild your self-esteem.

As you keep following the steps discussed above, you will be able to notice the gradual changes in your life. You will start to feel different, and people will be drawn to your positive energy.

And who knows? You may even attract the love of your life!

Author Bio: Angie Grey, an expert author from Faveable.com brings you all you need to know about fashion and grooming. She loves the outdoors and travels the world like a nomad.

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