With all the women’s movements, marches and such, where are all the girls’ girls? They’re probably hanging out with their male friends, because the females are too busy hating each other. Even our so-called feminists are tearing other women down. Strong, confident women don’t hate other women. Period.

Feminism by Definition “The theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes. The keyword here is equality.” You want equality? Stop separating yourselves with marches and hashtags.

Women will stand loudly in solidarity, screaming their pro-feminist rants while hating on the women who aren’t standing beside them. Supporting only those who are like you and share your viewpoints and beliefs does not make you a feminist; it makes you a hypocrite. Since when did supporting and empowering our fellow females come with conditions?

The origin of these marches and movements were to create unity, and bring strong women together. Sadly, in recent years, it has done quite the opposite. Not only have these events morphed into all-out knock-down-drag-outs, but thanks to modern-day feminism, they have begun to victimize the female gender. I consider myself a strong, independent woman who supports other women. I am not a victim of inequality, and I don’t feel like I am at any disadvantage. Does this mean I am anti-feminist?

Why Women Hate Each Other: You see it every day—even at work—women who would rather standby and watch the woman next to them struggle than to lend a helping hand. Have you forgotten that you are on the same team?

Side-eye stares, snickers and sneers when another woman walks by. It’s the type of behavior you thought would end after high school. I refer to it as adult mean-girl syndrome, and it’s running rampant everywhere.

Jealous and Insecure: It’s no secret that women are jealous and insecure creatures and often judge others according to flaws they find within themselves.

So what if the woman who moved in next door has a formidable intellect, or is prettier and skinnier or is—in your opinion—more successful than you are. Instead of wasting your energy on hating her, be inspired by her. Competition is healthy as long as it brings about positive results. Compete with yourself instead of her.

Threatened by Success: Women are oftentimes more eager to support others who have an equal or lower achieved status than themselves. They feel threatened by another woman who is trying a little harder, doing a little better and achieving a little more.

Soon, what little support may have been there in the beginning, turns into resentment, which ultimately leads to hate.

You can even see it on social media. A post can be made asking friends for support on starting a new life or business venture, or something that took a lot of time and was curated with love—something with meaning—and the notifications are silent. On the flipside, an unimportant and thoughtless rant or meme can be posted, and not only will it be liked and shared, but people will engage.

No Reason: Sometimes women hate for the worst reason of all; no reason. They just don’t like other women.

For some, it’s just easier to be catty, petty and mean than to be supportive, kind and compassionate. And unfortunately, over the years, this has become increasingly acceptable. The good old days of loving thy neighbor seem to be long gone, especially if her flower garden is more beautiful than yours.

Enough is Enough: Sure the argument can be made that we shouldn’t have to support women simply for being women, but certainly we shouldn’t hate for the same reason either. What kind of message would that convey to the girls of younger generations?

We are so quick to cry and complain about the disregard and treatment received from men, but what about the way we are treating each other? Ladies, we don’t have to vote, pray, think, or eat the same in order to empower and lift each other up. We, as women, will be a force to be reckoned with as soon as we stop going to war against each other.

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