Usually, people do not think of Unfair Dismissal solicitors in Leeds after they have been fired for something that seems unfair. They have a range of questions: how do I cope? Where or how do I get a new job? How do I pay my bills?

Well, these questions are worth asking but did you know that you can go to court and lay a claim of wrongful termination? Yes, you can. The good news is that with an experienced attorney beside you, you can get certain benefits. This could help you answer some of the questions you asked earlier. One of the legal remedies is monetary damages which could help with the bills or what to do next. For people who have not been released officially by their employer, they have the right to negotiate a severance package. This will cover good compensation and benefits during your search for a new job.

What is Unfair Dismissal

It is called ‘unfair dismissal’ or ‘wrongful termination’. They mean the same, a situation where a person has been fired for reasons that are considered unfair or wrong or illegal according to the law.

Some of the Reasons Considered illegal include:

  • Termination against the state and federal discrimination law
  • Termination that relates to sexual harassment
  • Firing a person in violation of labor laws, especially bargaining laws
  • Termination that is clearly not in line with the written or oral agreements of employment
  • Termination as a form of retaliation because the employee has filed a claim against their employer or boss in the first place.

With any of these cases or situations, you can speak with experienced unfair dismissal solicitors in Leeds.

You should know what the state’s law says about each of the points above. For some, there will be statutory penalties while a number of them will lead to payment for monetary damages. The idea is that money will cover wage loss and other specific expenses. In some cases, the kind of termination will require that the employers will probably have to pay punitive damages to the one who lost their job. As unfair dismissal solicitors in Leeds will explain to you, other cases of wrongful termination will demand that more than one person is responsible for the wrongdoing or damages.

There are legal reasons for the termination and it will be wise to familiarize yourself with them. They include poor performance, mass layoff, closing down the business, and any personal mistakes of the employee.

 Some Tips that Could Help When you Fired Illegally

  • Be calm. This is the wrong time to take into action any negative thoughts you might conceive against your employer.
  • Make contacts with experienced Unfair Dismissal solicitors in Leeds or your area. They might also be referred to as ’employer right lawyers.’
  • Should you possess a valid employment contract, try to go over the agreement again and understand the provision it makes.
  • Ask your employer why your job is terminated. Or you might find other ways to inquire
  • Know whose decision it is to terminate your employment
  • Do you remember the promises made by the employer? Find evidence of all the promises and put them together.
  • Demand a severance package and negotiate
  • Ensure you put the severances and termination into writing format.
  • Refuse to be intimidated by your employer or those working for him.
  • Give their property in your possession back to them and obey their post-employment rules or procedures.

Severance Packages

Generally, unless the employer contracts say so or an employee handbook shows it, an employer is not under any law to pay severance. But you can negotiate severance packages as an employer with the promise of waiving the legal claim against such an employer. This is not a decision you think and act on your own. Unfair Dismissal Solicitors in Leeds can help you with the process, telling you when it is best to negotiate a severance package or not. Never underestimate the job of an attorney in a case of wrongful termination or unfair dismissal.

When the Unfair Dismissal solicitors in Leeds realize that negotiating a severance package is a good option, together, you will create a strategy for winning. Here are some tips in that accord.

  • Being calm is always a virtue. Stay calm.
  • You and the lawyer should really take time and think about what the employer is offering.
  • Whenever possible, do not agree with the offer from an employer to say you resign not terminated.
  • Make yourself available on the payroll as long as possible.


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