If you a fond of listening to quality songs, if you want to delve deep into the ocean of ecstasy and if u want to change your mood with lyrics and composition of outstanding music then you are at the right place on the platform of a young energetic creative and most talented artist of Philadelphia namely Wayne Redmond, commonly known as Wozzie. Wozzie is an artist by heart and who along with being a wonderful musician, focuses on new NFTs collection due to his keen interest in in NFT. Wozzie is planning to launch a new music as an NFT.

Wayne Redmond, popularly known as Wozzie, is a Philadelphia-based rapper, actor, and composer. He’s now an independent musician who creates chill-step, lo-fi, and laid-back music that displays his honed skills and distinct sound. Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and rappers like Jay-Z and Lil Wayne are among Wozzie’s favorite artists. Wozzie just presented a brief glimpse of his new NFT collection, which features the artist’s broad and imaginative work. The series was created with the objective of inspiring other artists to achieve their dreams. He’s pleased to show off his newly constructed and much-anticipated NFT collection.  Wozzie began rapping at the age of 16 and derived motivation from Biggie Smalls, Jay Z, and Jada Kiss, among others. Around the age of 20, he began to take his music professionally and entered this field. Wozzie is a gifted artist with a unique style. Among his contemporary young artists, he is one of the most gifted and active musicians on the planet.

Wozzie is a superb and enthusiastic Philadelphia musician who is completely devoted to the music  and performance. Wozzie has developed his technical abilities and tone via tremendous and incredible concerts and studio recording sessions, forming an unstoppable force in the music industry. Wozzie has released his new song “Lick,” which features Slime Gvng Gunna and is an incredible fusion of lyrics and composition, as well as a masterpiece of Wozzie’s hard work and talent. The music is well-liked and supported by Wozzie’s audience and admirers. Wozzie is constantly in charge of his team and the people who help him with his business. He’s an excellent supporting artist who brings the entire team along with him and gives them credit for their hard work.

Wozzie is known for his exceptional contributions in music industry by giving brand unique songs to his listeners. Wozzie aims to have a high spirit and plans to work more and bring about quality music for his people. In order to stay in touch with his upcoming projects, follow Wozzie on his social media







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