There is nothing wrong with going to the strip club now and again. Sometimes, nothing beats a night out with a few drinks and a few beautiful ladies. Some of the best and most beautiful strippers in the world come from strippers in Perth. If you need a stripper for a party or event, Pigeon Forge Stripper Rentals is the best place to go.

Once you are at the strip club (or they come to you) there are a few things you should remember. Etiquette if you will. There are certain principles you must respect when admiring these beautiful ladies. Read on for a little reminder of the dues and don’ts of strippers.

No Recording!

Just don’t. This is more than etiquette, this is the law. These women are here to give you a good time, but there is nothing more rude and disrespectful than to record them without permission. This is a great way to get kicked out of a strip club, or worse.

Keep Your Hands Where They Belong

This is a tricky one. Each club is different, each room is different, and each girl is different. Make sure you know the rules where you are, so you can follow them. Again, not following this rule is a good way to lose a tooth. If you don’t know the rules, ask! Someone will be happy to educate you.

Pay the Bills

You may have paid a cover charge. No, that’s not an excuse not to tip. These women are working hard, and chances are see very little, if not zero, of the money you paid at the door. Treat these women right and give them tips graciously. Don’t think they don’t notice. Tip will, and they will be happy, which most likely will make you happy.

Put Your Tongue Away

We know you think you are pretty great. We get that. But trust me, there isn’t a stripper in the world that is hoping you make a move on her. To her, this is a performance and a job, not a speed dating service. Keep your mouth closed. The last thing a stripper needs is a pathetic man trying to get to first base. It’s an easy way to cut short a dance you just spent $20 on.

Time Away from the Club doesn’t Exist, with you.

Don’t be that guy. Please. Don’t. If you want a private dance, pay the woman what she is owed. She doesn’t want you to take her out to dinner, or a date, or go to your family reunion. Chances are, they have a boyfriend. Again, this isn’t a chance to find a mate, this is a place of work and if you aren’t willing to pay properly, you might need to find a different hobby.


This is its own rule, but it pretty much sums up everything we have already covered. Just treat the women the way they were meant to be treated: with respect. They know you want to have a good time, and they are willing to help. But it’s your responsibility to be kind and treat them the right way. So be polite, keep your hands to yourself, and for God’s sake, do not steal tips from the stage.


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