Video Production

You have completed your pre-production work, and now, you have to begin working on making the actual video.

But, how to do it?

The actual production part of the video production process needs to be short or simple. If you want to work on these production parts, keep up with the blog to learn it in detail.

Basics Of Video Production

Before moving into the tips, it is essential to know the basics. You have to consider a lot of variables to make your shoot and production process smooth and efficient. 

Setting Up Video Production Successfully

You have to complete all the background work before the actual day of your shoot. You need to ensure that you cover all the following basics before moving ahead with the shoot. 

  • Charge all the devices accurately.
  • Keep backup batteries with you no the location.
  • Separate your filming areas from the traffic cones and make the parties aware of the shooting times. 
  • Lastly, film some parts of the location to ensure that it looks good on the camera. 

Choosing An Appropriate Lighting For Video Production

When it comes to lighting your production, being proactive is the best idea. Natural light looks great on subjects that look best after sunrise or just before sunset. 

Also, even if you are using an indoor lighting rig, it’s best to use a classic three-point setup that will eradicate harsh shadows. On the subject’s good side, it is advisable to use a primary light. On the other hand, use a fill light to brighten the other side. It is advisable to also use a black light to separate them from the background. 

Compose Your Shot

Composing your shot means arranging elements within the frame. This way, you will be able to convey a story to the audience appropriately. You can achieve a perfect shot by dividing the screen into three sections both horizontally and vertically. Place your subject on the four points where the lines meet. See whether your subject is the only focus of the camera. It is strictly prohibited to unnecessarily position the object into the middle. 

Capture Audio According To the Video

It is essential to test your audio before capturing it for the shoot. Also, while examining, take proper attention to the background and passive background noises. For this, you can use a microphone that helps isolate the sound you want. 

After you have set the sound on the room accordingly, record the silence to make the editing a lot more effortless. Also, ask the artists to speak in the mics to provide clarity of the message you want to deliver to the audience. 

Capture More Video Than You Need

You can always edit the part you like in the video but can never add them. That is why it is advisable to have a significant number of videos to add to the actual video production.

You should know that you can only learn the skills by practically practicing them. Hence, go out and film a video according to the tips provided.

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