Art is about so much more than being able to realistically describe an image on paper; if it was, it would have died out with the invention of the camera. Art is a form of expression that humans have been practicing for millennia. The first definitive piece of art to be found dates back to the Stone Age, possibly as early as 70,000 BC, when paint was used on shell and stone.

Creativity is a human need, and creating art can bring many benefits. Of course, you can try your hand at creating something without any form of instruction but if you are new to art and don’t know where to begin or you have some skill but would like to improve, then an art class is the perfect option.

Here are five reasons to sign up for an art class today.

Improve your art

The very best way to improve your artistic talent is to take instruction. For those times when you can tell something isn’t right but you can’t quite see what it is, a trained eye will spot it instantly and will guide you in what has gone wrong and how you can fix it. Honest feedback is essential for moving forward in the right direction and that is what you will get from your art tutor that you’re never going to match asking friends and family what they think.

Practice is also very important, and having a scheduled art class means you won’t be distracted or make excuses about taking time out for your art.


It doesn’t get more relaxing than being entirely absorbed in the visual you are recreating, focusing on getting that piece of art exactly as you want it. It’s the perfect way to spend time fixed in the moment instead of worrying about yesterday or tomorrow. To totally chill out, you can even enjoy your class from the comfort of your own home with options such as the Visual Arts Passage online art school for everyone from beginners to the seasoned pro.

Expand your creativity

Practicing your art alone and guiding your entire artistic journey means you might miss out on some exciting turns your path could take. Classes will take you out of your comfort zone and introduce you to styles, mediums, and perspectives you might never have considered without guidance.

Seeing other class member’s interpretations may also spark further creativity in you too.

Improve special awareness

Taking up drawing can even improve your special awareness so if you bump into things a lot, your parking leaves a lot to be desired, you are clumsier than you would like or you find it impossible to read a map, head for your nearest art class.

Meet new people

Along with your tutor, art classes offer the opportunity to meet new people, either in-person or virtually, who share at least one common interest with you. Conversations about the art can lead to a host of other topics, and you could even arrange meet-ups outside of the class too.

So if you feel like putting pencil to paper and creating something unique, why not sign up for an art class and see where it could take you?



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