You have served the nation and been discharged from the military, congratulations! The country is proud of you and offers you several benefits to ease your life after service. Whether you served in the Space Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, or Air Force, you are eligible for the veteran benefits after retiring from active service.

So long as you did not leave in dishonorable conditions you can qualify for these benefits. What are these benefits?

Veteran Disability Compensation

If you suffered a disability while in service you are eligible for this benefit. The amount you may get is between $133 and $3,400 per month. The actual amount will depend on the severity of the disability and the number of dependents you have. In addition to this monthly payment, some veterans also get special monthly compensation. These include people who are paralyzed, lost limbs, and lost speech among other limiting disabilities.

Find a full list of veterans who qualify for special monthly compensation here. Disabled veterans who need to travel for medical treatment related to the disability also receive a travel allowance. This is calculated at a rate of 41.5 cents per mile.

Veterans Pension

If you are a retired veteran who is 65 years or older and have limited income, you qualify for the veteran’s pension benefit. Veterans who are permanently disabled also qualify for the pension. The amounts one can qualify for start from $13,931. The actual amount you get depends on the amount of active income (if any), the number of dependents you have, and whether or not you need help with day-to-day activities.

Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) Home Loans

You deserve to give your family a great home and this is what the Department of Veteran Affairs’ home loans help with. This department has partnered with many private lenders to enable veterans access to affordable mortgages. These loans are provided with little to no deposit and there are no monthly private mortgage insurance charges which means your deductibles will be much lower than in a normal mortgage loan.

With the lenient lending policy that many VA home loan lenders have, many veterans are able to qualify for home loans. Veterans living in California may decide to go for the California Department of Veterans Affairs (CalVet) home loans instead of VA loans. Why? CalVet home loans come with great insurance that protects your home from floods, earthquakes, fire, and other hazards with affordable deductibles.

Health Benefits

Veterans who are registered with the Department of Veterans Affairs qualify to receive primary and specialized healthcare both as inpatient and outpatient. This made possible by VA’s comprehensive benefits package.

Help with Getting Back into Civilian Life

After your service with the military, you may decide to further your education, take up a job or start a small business. The VA helps with all these activities. There are various options for people who would like to advance education with the intention of using the knowledge to get a job. The VA will support you with tuition fees, housing allowance, book stipend, and relocation. The exact amount you qualify for will be determined by the VA after looking at various factors.

Those who decide to venture into business can directly bid to the VA procurement department and are more likely to land the tenders. Help on training and applying for jobs is availed by the Veterans’ Employment and Training Service. If you ever have a hard time coping with your time after service you can always reach out to any VA center near you. You will find a counselor who will help you walk through this readjustment journey.

Burials and Memorials Benefits

The US government honors military officers who die on the battlefield and veterans who die later on. From burial at the military cemetery, Arlington National Cemetery, to flags covering caskets to presidential memorial certificates, there are many burial and memorial benefits for veterans. Some eligible veterans will even get full military burials free of charge while others qualify for a burial allowance. No matter where a veteran is buried, the VA provides the markers and headstones on the grave.

You need to take advantage of all the benefits you stand to gain by being a veteran. You served the country well and now it is time to benefit. Visit the Department of Veteran Affairs official website for more details on how to apply for your benefits.



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